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ok i have the opertunity to get the whole front clip of a zx2. i need to know how hard it will be to swop in to my 95 lx? i have an automatic, the zx2 is a manual. also what other parts will i need for the swop or is it all direct fit, even down to the drive axels and hubs? i need to do this swop relatively fast so give me anny info you can.
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yea. but im just going to swap the engine,trans and all the sensors,and computer and harness.. not the whole front end.
well any ideas you guys?
thanks. im just useing the engine, trans, wireing harness and computer.
ok i got the zx2 is there anny thing i need to know about before i go ahead with this swap?
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ok thanks you guys. i´ll get back to you when i need some more help, etc. but in the mean time anny suggestions are greatly apreciated.
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