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Are they releasing the ZX2 again ?
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they released a 2003 model with a new nose but i do not know if there is a 2004 model planned
I just took one of the new 2003 zx2s for a drive today...very very very nice ride...and the looks people give it are even better...I think I may buy one... or get an older model and do this... http://www.andysautosport.com/ford/98_02escortBuddyclubkit.html
The new front end really makes a difference. No longer has that "toy car" look. Looks mean!
the new look makes it way more aggressive looking . like the mustang i like it allot only if i could afford. but heh im 16.
Yeah if only I had the money...damn economy...
Yeah, I agree about the new front end. Nice ride!
If only I hadn´t sworn off new cars! :p
just make sure you do everyone a big favor and don´t leave it white! PAINT TO MATCH! you must! looks so much nicer, not like driving around in primer or something ;-)
Ok, as some of you know, I am not given to ranting,...but WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE PR PEOPLE THINKING!!! Please pardon my French, but I get so tired of the girlie-fied, nonsensical, politically correct, touchy-feely, non-auotmotive, HORSESHIT that they use in promotions and brochures. What kind of dipshits to they think the buyers are???!? Does this jibberish work on anyone? Ford is terrible, but Volkswagen is not far behind. What ever happened to selling car using adult language and factual information about the intercoursing car? Has the car-buying public been reduced to 13-year-old, Barbie-dressing children? KEEERYYST!

Sorry, boys and girls, but this kind of thing really gets under my skin. Some morons received degrees from some college and are getting paid to do this. Please, some of you young guns, please, change you majors, study marketing/PR and change it...before it´s too late.

Not to confuse you folks, but my previous rant concerns the verbiage describing the ZX2 on the Ford website, not the postings on our site.

Just thought I would clarify my outburst.

Your rantings are right on the money. However you didn´t mention whether you like the new look or not (guess you were just caught up in the moment.) I do. Its much more aggresive, but not too much. Also, I was completely suprised that the ZX2 only has 130hp. That´s only 3 more hp than the 2nd gen gt´s. You think by now they would put some more ponies under the hood. Oh well that ford for ya.
although for didnt put many more ponies under the hood they did redo the gear ratios
M5 3.31 1.83 1.23 0.91 0.72 - ZX2
M5 3.30 1.83 1.31 1.03 0.79 - 2nd gen escort gt
The ZX2 on the Mazda chassis is pretty much garanteed until 2005...after that...who knows
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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