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ZX2 vs Focus SE Split Port

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Caish, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Caish

    Caish FEOA Member

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    Read the specks and the 02 ZX2 with its VCT Zetec 130 HP, and my lowly 4 door 2000 SE Focus CVH/Splitport at 110 HP.
    I got to drive the ZX2 for the first time today.
    It doesn't seem to have the zip of the Focus.
    Both are Automatics.
    Focus on 215/45R17, ZX2 on its stock 15" tires.
    Still a project in the works, but since I'm probably going to give it to my youngest that turns 16 in a couple months it doesn't need to be fast, just safe.
    my poor ZX2 is beat up, needs both doors, fenders, a hood and a rear bumper cover.
    very light dents in the uni-body.
    Local yard has on thats same color I'll get parts off of, just not happy with his door prices at $100 each, then i have to convert those doors over to power.
    It drive okay though...
    Runs great, even considering its running on old gas, could be part of the power feeling.
  2. pextor

    pextor Moderator Staff Member

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    Lancaster, pa
    The ZX2 should be quicker than the focus. I think the ZX2 is lighter, and obviously has more power (or had when it was new lol)

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