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Expired ZX2 CCRM Repair Service

Discussion in 'US Classifieds' started by DrZX2, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Hi everyone. I’m pretty new to the forum, but I figured I’d post here and give this a try. I’m selling more of a service than an actual item here. I’m offering a repair/rebuild service for the CCRM found in all years of the 3rd gen Ford Escort (97-03). A/C not working or need a WAC relay replaced and not so good with a soldering iron? I’ve got you covered. Low/high speed fan circuit not working? I can fix that too. Most issues with the Escort CCRM are all repairable with a little diagnostic know-how and I’m well equipped to tackle the job.

    A bit about me:
    I’ve been repairing and restoring computers and electronics since I was a kid and grew up in a car focused family. 3 generations of my family (myself included) all worked in the automotive field in either mechanics or parts sales for the Ford Motor Company. My knowledge base and interest in electronics has provided me with a collection of specialized equipment and a skillset needed to handle delicate electronics work and diagnose electronics issues. Over the last 8 years of owning and working on an 03 ZX2, I’ve loved these little cars and want to keep as many on the road as possible.

    So How Much? $50 + shipping to me in South Louisiana. I pay the return shipping back to you.

    What You’ll Get: a complete tear down and cleaning of the CCRM as well as a new equivalent or improved replacement of the defective component. I’ll then bench test the part to ensure working order before returning it to you. I’ll also stand by my work with a warranty on the repair performed for 1 year. You’ll also get a hard copy of the invoice and what work was done for your records (I keep a digital version of the same invoice for my purposes).

    How long will this take? I’m not looking to get rich off this (that’s what my full time job is for ;)) so turn around time may not always be the fastest. But I can say without a doubt that the part will be repaired/shipped back to you within 72 hours of receipt.

    PM me if you’re interested and I’ll generally respond within 24 hours. Thanks for your interest!

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