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Zetec into 1st Gen Update.

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Hey everybody. Here´s the poop on the swap. I just got the 1.9HO out of my car today. It was a biotch, but I managed. Blood was shed and swears were said, but it was all for the greater good. So after working all day doing that I came to the conclusion that the 1st gen 5 speed WILL NOT FIT the Zetec. So all you inspiring to be like me take note. But all is not lost. Now I´ll have to brag a bit. I figured since my tranny won´t fit, I would look for one online. I found an SVT 6 speed on ebay, I wanted it soooooooo bad, but the bank account said nu uh. So I kept looking. (BTW any richies out there who want a 6 speed for their ZX2 or zetec swapped 2nd gen it still has 4 days and it was at $660 but still below reserve) So as I was looking my second choice of tranny poped up. A ZX2 MTX-75 5 speed. It HAD a Buy It Now price of 399.99, so I said yoink, that bastard is mine. Wooo Hooo. So not only will I have a bitchen ass Zetec in my 1st gen I´m gonna have a ZX2 tranny as well. The reason the ZX2 5 speed was my second choice is because it has a 4.10 diff gear as opposed to the 3.73 in the regular MTX-75 This thing is gonna ROCK!! Not a Focus or Honda on the street will be able to touch me given the fact that there is such a considerable weight difference in my advatange over the ZX2 and the Focus. As far as the rest of the swap, the Zetec I bought was out of an auto tranny car, so the ECU is wrong and the wireing harness is wrong too. Not to mention there is a flexplate instead of a flywheel at the back end of the crank. I´m collaberating with some guys at focaljet.com (a Focus forum not too much different than this great site) that are looking into puting Auto´s into their Manual equiped Foci(plural for focus) to try to swap ECU´s and harnesses. As far as fitment goes, I´m still pretty sure it won´t be too hard to shoe horn under the hood, my main concern is how the CV joints will work out. I need to see if I can get some specs on their length, and the distance between the spindles. I also ordered a Focus shop manual CD so I can get all the info about the wiring. So the easy (easy being relative to the rest of the project ahead) part is over, so now I´m going to have to pull the magic wand out of my toolbox and do that voodoo that I do so well when it comes to cars. Wish me luck.
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yea that guy live in my town and ive been trying to get it so hard but he wont budge on his price, i even offerd my camero for it.
I am very jealous of you that you could do that to your car. Keep us posted on the details and good luck to ya. That is gonna be one nasty lil scort.
Pimp: When you get yours up and running....we can do the same swap to mine right? But I´m going the extra mile and hit up the SVT 6-spd. :iconbiggrin: Nobody will suspect a thing with the "LX" badge. :wink: What do you guys think?
take lots of pics bc i plan on doing this same mod :iconbiggrin: . sounds like this will b a great car. good luck with ure project scort.
There´s a guy that dropped a 302 V8 in his 1st gen Escort.
Never say die!
302!!!!!! (rubbs eyes) holy crap where did u c this id like to c this .
Mmmmmm, if a 302 will fit, a 351 should fit fine too.

No, stop it, I already have a V8 car, I need a daily driver, thats why I´m gonna stick with the Zetec.

But think of the power, and watching a honda boy drop his jaw when he hears a rumbling Escort.

No, must not give in. Need economy. The Zetec and ZX2 tranny will stomp the honda boyseasily enough.
Pimp_scort_89_GT said:
and do that voodoo that I do so well when it comes to cars.
What were you saying to me about bloating, pimp? :wink:

*puts down pride*

is the zetec a 6 or 4cyl?
I didn´t say Bloating, I said Gloating. It would suck if you got bloated. Well for you atleast. And I was talking about how your head was getting too big to fit my monitor screen. I just casually mentioned that I can work magic. You were all "Look at me. I´m so smart. Everyone bow to me." Tell you what. You keep chatting with me for another year, and mybe then you will be that awsome. :wink:

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you said bown you filthy post-editing bastard! take it back! :smile:

*rumble rumble*

eech... bleh. I´m feeling kinda bloated. I meant to say that. ahem.

(at least I don´t edit my posts *thbtppthppt!*)

the zetec engine is a 16 valve 2.0 liter 4 cyl measuring at 122 cubic inches and puting out 130hp and i beileve around 118 foot pounds of tourque at the fly wheel
Yea Siragan, I thought you were the "Scort God." You should know all about the Zetec. :wink: And you should have told me my tranny wouldn´t mount to a Zetec before I went and bought one, then had to buy a new tranny to fit it. J/K dude, your such a trip sometimes.
hey pimp scort can u take pictures of ure motor mounts and possibly measure them. i am very interested in this mod ever since i rode in rips zx2. that engine is so great. good luck and keep me posted. thanx
Will do bro. I gotta get some first though. The engine I bought didn´t have any, plus I´m probably going to have to weld some new mount points on the frame as well. I wil take pis and measurments an document the whole thing though.
What kind of engine and tranny combo specifically? The reason being is that I´m trying to build a ´scort similar to the Rally Ford Escort in the game Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec. Here´s a look if you haven´t seen it:


I´d like to make 4WD for the sake of authenticity and badassness but unfortunately I´m tired of trying to find info on 4wd drive conversions. So I´ll turn it into a street racing car. I want a 302 in it but I to must think economically. So I´d be oblidged if you could offer info on engine swap combos as well as Turbocharging my ´scort. ThanX.

[email protected]

P.S. There alot of parts for scorts at http://www.caraddons.com
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