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You never know if you don´t ask......

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So my boss was looking at a ´68 Camaro rag top today. I went with him because I know alot about older cars. So anywayz the guy owns a cylinder head shop. So I ask him " Hey! Got a head for a 1.8 DOHC?????" He says "Yup" and "I´ll sell it to you cheap cause I´m relocating to another shop that´s already stocked so everything here is for sale cheap" So I say "Well how cheap???" then he says $50.00, cheap enough for you?" I´m like "Yup!"

He goes to grab it and guess what? It´s complete from throttle body to exhaust manifold!!! Everything including the valve cover :). Distributor, sensors, injectors, thermostat and even the upper rad hose was there!!!!!. Today was a good day, here are the plans.
-Hog out the T-Body as big as possible.
-Stripping the head and getting it opened up everywhere and the exhaust side polished.
-Port matching upper, lower and the head.
-I´m gonna polish the valve cover, T-body and the upper intake to a beuatiful shine.
-Stainless valves and custom cams.
-Modify the exhaust manifold for the Merkur turbo I have kickin around.

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SWEET man!!! damn good find bro. he got anymore??
bring it over James. we will get it taken apart :-D
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