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You know it´s cold when...

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You know it´s cold outside when the degrees in fahrenheit is LOWER than the degrees in celcius!!! :-W :-o :-W :-o

today, March 4, in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada, according to the weather network, and with the windchill mind you, is -44 C, -47 F.
and my car started without being plugged in! :p
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... I´m speechless right now it is "57 °F / 14 °C " a little chilly IMHO. but then again I am wearing my usualy shorts/tshirt and flip flops *L*
hell yeah matt! i usually cruise round in some basketball shorts and a tshirt. ahhhh so cal!
Okay Matt, for us up here in nothern Arizona the snow finally melted and its in the 40s F.

All about denim pants, T-shirts with a jacket tossed over.
Just to add more Arizona salt to the wond, I went swimming for an hour last night from 9:30-10:30 PM. I know there are people crazy enough to do that up there, but the difference out here is I didn´t have to chisel a hole in the ice to get into the water. Man I LOVE the Desert. You know your in a warm place when birds migrate North for the Summer :-D Oh and I thought it was funny that you mentioned your car having to be plugged in. But the real funny thing is when I bought my Scort I noticed there was an A/C plug bundled up next the the battery tray, and I thought someone had just stuck an extention cord under the hood for some reason. But whan I pulled it i noticed it went to the side of the block. So if Hell ever doese freeze over, or I find myself in Canada for some reason, I´m prepared.

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It was -40 C with the wind chill and DAMMIT the car started! SO I had to go to work. :-|
Damn. it was 40 degrees today and I was about to break out the shorts and t-shirt. I must go and bondo now, it´s warm outside :-]
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