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YOU go get the ticket...

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I decided to drive around and listen to my MTX sub for a little while after i left my brothers house. Well, on my way back home I was driving about 5 or so over the speed limit like normal, and this 95-99 ugly ass gold or silverish Cavalier from ohio came flying past me. When I got on the bridge that goes over the railroad tracks, I said to myself, "Ok, you go get the ticket, cause I don´t want it"
Well, sure as shit. He gets over the bridge, goes through the first green light and is gone. When I get over the bridge my radar detector is sittin there beeping Ka Band. So I tap the brakes and get down to 45 and I looked up to see a dark blue Crown Vic flip a U-turn and punch it. I busted out laughing as the cop goes up to the next light... it turns yellow so he flips on his lights and guns it. I get up to that light, and sit and wait, when it turned green i gun it to see if he got him and as I drive by the guy is in the center turn lane in front of Wendy´s with his wife who appeared to be getting his registration. Meanwhile I´m laughing my ass off.... Damn that was great....it made my night. :-]
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It was actually an older couple late 30s or 40s, I dunno. They didn´t really pay attention to me as I drove by them laughing anyway. hehe
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