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XMAS Wish List...

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Christmas is coming up soon.
I´m interested to find out what everyone will be buying me this year?
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Yup, Christmas is coming soon.

Look at my good thinking here...

My girlfriend needs a dvd player so i

figure since there´s a dvd player in the

playstation 2...

You see, think of your gifts in a way

you can take profits... hehe

I tought of buying condoms that´s a

good way of getting it back but who

need those anyways...

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Hmm... all I want...:
(honestly if anyone in my fam did ask it would really be escort stuff, but anyhow)

1. New headliner
2. New carpet
3. cash to build a display for the sound system
4. interior paint
5. buddyclub 92-95 civic front valance
6. MX3 seats (although I like the ones in the probe GT´s too)
7. B&M Short shifter
8. Momo shift knob for the shifter
9. Ground Control Coil Overs (I´d settle for Drope Zone ones)
10. New tires! (Yokohama Parada SpecII 215/40/17´s) Or Falken Ziex 512´s
11. My windows tinted (7% rear windows, 25% driver and passenger)
12. New rack and pinion and power steering pump.

More then likely I´ll get another lovely sweater and a pair of pants that are once again camo patterned.


Jason Blade
93´ Escort GT (Special SLO model)

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All I want is my family to write over a blank check to me so I can get anything I want for my Scort and me!!
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I just want my car to run good and then i want some gift cards from Auto Zone
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Forget making mine look like one...just buy me a real Cosworth!
I want a 95 metalic green 5 speed egt with a turbo, blow off, TSW 17´s, hydraulics, a short shifter, clear corners, HID conversion, headers,high flow cat with 2 1/4 piping, dual DTM double port mufflers, cold air intake, chrome plated valve covers, 3 TV´s, an alpine reciver, with a PS2 and 2 JL w6 15´s run with 2 thousand watt Xtant amps, Sparco racing seats, momo steering wheel and all the neon and strobes I have on my scort now. I don´t think thats too much to ask do you?
My Christmas wish list consists of nothing but money. Until late February/early March, things are going to be tight, monitarily that is. Then I´ll get my re-enlistment bonus ($20,000 - $25,000 hopefully), and then my first kid will be born. So I´ll have about a two-week window to spend $20,000. Well, after I get out of debt and buy my wife a car that is, (she wants a Volvo), so I´ll actually only have about 8 or 10 grand to myself. Any suggestions? (Of course I will then be a paying member of FEOA [yes, things are that tight right now]).

Anyway, sorry for complaining, I just needed to vent, I guess.
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ONLY HAVE 8 TO 10 GRAND LEFT? puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeee I WISH I HAD that kinda money. my car would be so decked out right now. suspension, stereo, alarms, intake/exhaust turbo you name it.
sheesh. give me about 2 grand i´ll be happy. what´d ya say?
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My mom made a stict rule that she isn´t going to buy me any car parts, or computer parts for christmas this year, so I pretty much have no list to give her. I bought My Mustang a new cam for christmas. She should be happy for that. And I bought my Scort a new bumper and a paint job. So that takes care of that for now. I need to figure out what I´m going to get fo my non motorized aquaintances now. Hmmm what do humans like again, I forget. I´m a human, and I like car stuff. Maybe my mom would want a turbo timer for her truck (01 Chevy K2500 Duramax Diesel) And my dad´s 99 Malibu cold use a NOS system. Where did my parent go wrong. I can´t belive they both drive Chevys. Oh well.
So you´re a computer geek as well? Wasn´t sure how many of us there would be on an automotive web site.

I think I´ve got a split personality disorder or something. I mean, I´m a computer programmer for the USAF, and I´ve been programming since I was 11 and all, but I love working on my car as well.

I´m split, grease monkey or computer geek? Can I be both?
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Seriously, I think the Computer Geeks and Mechanics have a lot more in common than people realize. Especialy now days with cars that have mutiple computer modules that are networked together. When I was taking the Volvo SAFE training at UTI I was amazed at how many networks and computers those cars had.
my girl put me on the auto parts band-waggon for christmass, so i asked for money

but a cosworth would be the $#!t for a christmass present
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i also agree with the being both car and comp. geek! then you can program computer games with your Scort in it and race!
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Well, as a metter of fact, I am already kinda working on a game, although I don´t know if I want to make it an autocross game, a street racing game, or what.
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I have a bachelor degree in Applied Computer Science. But I work as a mechanic.
Go Figure.
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I am a computer geek, but I love working on cars, and I train horses... ... I think they do go hand in hand. I don´t know how all those 3 compiled into my interests but they did, and I´m happy with it.

X-mas: I want headlights, pin strip, I need mudflaps in a bad way, I want to put a Zx2 sticker on my sunroof, I need pedals, I need a new shift knob and boot, I need new speakers(Kenwood or Alpine)... I´m considering a component system, and cold air (possibly...), and fog lamps.... uh... I need money.
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yeah james but you ain´t got a kid either. 8 to 10 grand ain´t much when your married with a kid. I found that out fast. mY cars have sufferd alot since my daughter was born.
I guess I´m joining the club. For my birthday a few weeks ago my mom came out to visit and wouldn´t buy me anything I needed, like new brakes, headliner..you know all the stuff that´s on my wish list.

She ban me from auto-stuff for my birthday and Xmas.

But here I am 22, and I´m a senior at Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ. majoring in Computer Science (but Im staying a semester extra, and this summer they are changing the name of the program to Software Engineering. So I´m not sure where I´m going to fall...but I would rather it be CS, because like I know in Texas you have to be licensed as a PE to be a Software Eng.

I have to admit my goal after school is to get a job with AEM or HKS, or Apex´i designing control systems for auto performance. Now that would be the shit for a job. Get paid and work on your vehicle at the same time...yeah baby yeah!
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