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www.fast4s.net Updated (1/24/03) More to come.

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Recent Updates:
-Adam´s Photos 11.14.03
-Adam´s Modifications
-Adam´s Special Thanks
-Adam´s Links
-Tammy´s Photos 10.17.02
-Tammy´s Modifications
-Tammy´s Links
-E-Mail Webmaster Link added to Index Page
-A bunch of broken links on both sides
-A bunch of behind the sceenes stuff added

Soon to come:
-Adam´s Parts, Installs, & Reviws: Custom Pitch Black tweed Interior
-Adam´s Parts, Installs, & Reviws: CorkSport FR&RR Strut Bars
-Adam´s Story
-Tammy´s Parts, Installs, & Reviws: BDR SPI Underdrive Pully
-Tammy´s Video´s
-How to´s
-Auto adjust resolution scipt
-Some Mild flash
-Redesigned Intro Page
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Adam, I love it, man!
Nicely presented. Both scorts are an inspiration. Keep up the good work!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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