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Wow! +20 HP!!!

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When I´m on Ebay, I´d like to see something OTHER than:


Whoever is hosting the auction has like 10 going at once.

And it´s all a bunch of crap....
Ebay won´t take down the user though because he´s a "power seller"!
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"I had a 96 z24 cavalier that i had a..." I am Truly sorry! I really feel sorrow for you. :-] yeah my car is the Cavalier Killer but I like early 90s Z24s, boxy yet still stylish and with a V6 even.
Well I have taken an early 90s Z24 off the line and to 60 first, thats with my stock GT & with shitty synchros in my 5 speed. I´ve never had much respect for the 2.4L 4 banger Cavaliers, 115 hp...my sister bought a 98 and it´s slower than tree sap. The Z24s i have a little respect for, in fact I almost bought one instead of my EGT, but after I spanked that blue one they kinda lost their cool status with me :)

and just to back this up I have a little data on Z24´s...

1993 hardtop Z24;
0-60: 8.3 seconds
1/4 time: 17.2 seconds

1998 Convertible Z24:
0-60: 8.7
1/4 time: 16.8 @ 92 mph

So yes it´s faster than a 2nd gen EGT to 60, but only by 1/10th of a second, which means it´s up to the driver to get the jump on the other car... but by the time a 1/4 mile passes my EGT will have a 93 Z24 by 7/10ths of a second, which is about a car length. Did Z24s come with 5 speed manuals? I think they did but I can´t remember.
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Yeah, I was quoting the 2.2L Inline 4s horsepower...115hp. But those are dead bone stock Z24 1/4 mile times. Unless your room mate clutch dumps at 5k rpms to launch. Those are not *MY* numbers anyway, www.car-stats.com you´ll see for yourself...I know the early 90s Z24s have 140-150 hp and like 170-180 lb ft torque. but they have a shit load more weight to pull than my shorter, lighter EGT. I know for a fact, because of my sisters old 98, that even the 2.2 I4 Cavaliers weigh 180 lbs more than my EGT, now throw in a bigger engine, a beefier transmission, and probably bigger tires and drive rods and that´s sure to swell quite a bit.
Thats great but are you sure it´s "stock"? I´m not doubting those numbers... but, it is contrary to what I´ve raced against and what I´ve read about. Maybe it´s just that I´m a superior driver compared to the guy in the Z24 I spanked. ;-)
Oh yeah, notice how at the end there they have that "Closest in Performance" section? notice those cars have inline fours? I think you could compare that particular Z24 against Grand Am GTs and other V6s, instead of I4´s.
My GT, so far, is bone stock under the hood. I´m planning a complete rebuild.
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