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So this is going really slow, but when you only work on the car for a few hours a week what can you expect :roll:

Biggest PITA job I've ever done was cutting out the front rad support.

Ripped the oil pan off to change the leaky gasket, also threw in a new front main oil seal as it was bitched right out.

Took a few pics of the engine from the underside. Things still look really good for almost 253 000km (157 000mi). The onlything I could really see was varnish. Cylinders were mint, no excessive play on the rods or crank what so ever from what I could tell.

And my new toy. Had to get the battery charged somehow.

I've also done a new timing belt and a new water pump as well.

Now to start straightening and welding it all back together......

.........as straight as possible 8O

Matt 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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