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alright... i have a protege motor that is forsale, for some reason i posted it then like 2 days later i go back to check it and it is gone. there was NO wrong doing on my part, yet for some reason my post dissapeared without any reason why no post no warning in the thread.

i know my friend jon (yes my friend who i hang out with all the time) was joking around about the whole mazda thing which if any thing because of that got it deleted i am even more pissed because it was something i had nothing to do with, it was a joke on his part, and my post got deleted without telling me or anything.

that is stupid that my post was deleted without informing me and i had nothing to do with the problem.

im super frusterated because the reason it took me 2 days to check it is because i have been SUPER busy and i was hoping to come come back to something when i FINALLY got time but no my post was deleted and i didnt even have a pm that said "sorry but it was going a bad direction" or "i deleted the post from jon because it was ruffling feathers" but no nothing.

i thing being a mod the person whoever it was should only be a mod if they have the time or are willing to do the job correctly and not just have power to do what they want when they want

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are you sure the post was deleted? i ask this because during the server move a few posts are kinda hanging in limbo. not sure what happened, but it only happened to a few of them. lemme know. if not, please feel free to post it up again. it probably was not your initial posting, rather some replies that probably got outta hand...if it was deleted.

do you happen to have a link to the thread? does it say it was deleted or does it just sit there and try to load with nothing coming up?

mods are supposed to pm the person who started the thread to tell them that it was removed. if this didn't happen, i'm sorry. but please feel free to post it up again.
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