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My Friend is selling his 2001 Mustang GT. now maybe his head and ego will shrink back down to size. My other friend told me this and said that he either couldn´t or didn´t want to keep making the payments on it. So he´s selling it. yeaaaaaaaah I still hate Mustangs....I just can appreciate em a bit more.
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Happy for you James!
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Thanks, but it really is kinda bad for him, he´s only had it for four months, my other friend said he wanted to get a truck. Don´t ask me why...well, I guess he got sick of the gas mileage...I dunno, but I do know I´m sick of getting between 15-19 mpg in a 4 banger
That´s why I can´t wait to start modding the hell out of my car...make it get 15-19 mpg and be able to kill Mustang GTs. Make it into a sort of sleeper, until i get it painted. hopefully that´ll happen before anything bad does.
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Hey, if he wants to get better mileage he WON"T get a truck. They´re bigger and heavier and therefore get even worse mileage than the Mustang GT.
Maybe he hated the car after having to try to drive it the snow. I know personally (my brother had one) that Mustangs suck in the snow, and the more powerful they are, the worse they suck if the road gets slick.
Maybe what your friend needs is a scort!
Well, he might be getting a little 4 cylinder pickup. So his gas milage might go up a little.
And you´ll be able to take him easily!
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hehe yeah i know
That is if we ever start talking again
I think we will, I´m just going to give him some time to think about it and he´ll come around. It´s happened between him and another one of my friends before, so I have faith.
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Hey James, sure you haven´t got a hole in your tank - did you say 15-19 mpg!! EricScort gets 32 mpg on short runs, even better on motorways. Has 89,000 on clock since ´92, only 1.6i Ghia though.
yeah James...you have to figure out where all you money is going when you fill your tank.

You should be getting closer to 30mpg. I say wait for your car to run out of gas and forget what the gauge is saying....but if you using consumption figures based on how much you put in at every refill.....there has to be a problem.

Either your tank is leaking (marking its territory)
Or you have serious motor probs....might want to check you VAF. Make sure its not causing you to run rich (WAY rich)

or something
Well I don´t know exactly how old my fuel filter is, could that be causing me problems in that area Blade?
James, there is definatley something not right. If the fuel economy on my scort ever droped below 27mpg I started looking for something wrong. toasted wheel bearings in my case. course I kinda knew they were bad and just didnt want to replace them right then. I would give everything a good look, replace the fuel filter and make sure that you don´t have any problems in the ignition system. I wound up bying a second set of plug wires after I found that the brand new ones had one that was poorly made and really caused hell for a while. Look for stupid stuff, rear brake adjsutment, tire pressure and alignment, bad a/c compressor, things like this don´t always jump out and say hey I´m broke but they add up.
Just occurred to me James, are you sure you don´t have a hard-up neighbour with a long rubber tube, a funnel and a can, suffers from insommnia and creeps around at night?
nope, my scort get´s to be put in the garage anyway. at about 75 miles on my odo, my scort is 3/4 full. at 135+/- it´s at half or just under.
Well if I can find a second Escort...maybe an LX, or an LX wagon, I´ll be able to fix up my EGT and at the same time I´ll mess around with the fuel tank, pump, lines and fuel injectors. maybe get brand new ones. I´m planning on just cleaning up my block and having the heads replaced with the ones I bought off of a guy last summer. Then I´m going to try to find some JE connecting rods and pistons that will help me lower my compression ratio to like 8.4-8.2 IF I decide to turbo right away, if not I´ll keep the same ratio and wait for the time when I can turbocharge it, then when that time comes I´ll drop it off at my sisters b/f´s shop and have them cut up some custom piping and a turbo for me
Does anyone know where I could find a good solid crankshaft? or would it be a wise Idea to just use my old one? I´d like to rebuild this engine with as new parts as I can get, it that way I can rebuild another GT engine and possibly drop it into my other Escort (that I have still yet to get). of course this all takes money and when I get serious about it I´ll need another job. Anyone recommend a good place to get a second job, like a coffee shop or a book store or someplace that I can work a few extra hours every night and not be really tired?
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