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I must find this man and shake his hand...


Sweetest wagon I´ve ever seen...
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Red again of course - dishy motor indeed!
Thats pauls wagon, he´s located some where in SoCal. It has a turbo charged 2.0L spi engine in it.
Notice how everything is shaved.. Roof rack, gutters, locks, door handles, trim, window trim, etc. Great clean look though.. wish I had the time, money and/or desire.
Yeah I talk to him online a few times. Its actually now a turbo DSM motor. did a full conversion from a Talon TSi fwd turbo.
Some day I will have a car that clean. That is tight, and you know it still doesn´t get a lot of respect, until the light turns green. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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