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Wishing I had my scort!

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tonight as I was coming to a stoplight in my 85 camry, a cavalier and a corolla pull up to the light super quick. They both are reving their engines and creeping forward. I say what the hell and pump mine up a little too!! As the light turns green we all take off. These guys had me beat before we even started. The cavalier won but the thing is that neither one of them even got a full car length ahead of me. If I had my scort I woulda blew those guys out!!! AAAARRRRGGGGGGG
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is yer camry manual?
we have an 88 that still works immactulatly but it´s auto, and has a slow V4, but it´s lasted so long!
i choose my 93LX over it any day though
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yeah its a stick but its slow as hell. damn good car though, has 160,000+ and still running real good
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