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Hey All,

Been reading all the posts here and they've been helpful but need some more guidance. My 95 LX has a bad switch. The one where you used to push it in and would stay in. I've even used the "dime" trick from here as well. I've replaced it once before about 50,000 miles ago with one from the JY. The local JY's are out of them and I'm not interested in buying it from the dealer or anyone else.

I would like to build my own switch, just need some help in the wiring diagram. I've built my own hazard switch after I snapped it off trying to remove the shroud from around the steering wheel. DOH!

Here is what I have from after removing the switch from the dash

5 wires:

- Solid Black
- Black with a White Stripe
- Black with a Blue Stripe

- Solid Red
- Red with a Black Stripe

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
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