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Wire harness

Discussion in '3rd Gen 1997-2002 2.0L SOHC' started by garyd, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. garyd

    garyd FEOA Member

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    I am updating my 2nd gen wagon with a zetec engine
    I found a 1999 wagon.
    I pulled the harness from the fuse box to taillights
    Will that portion fit with a sedan harness( engine portion ) and fuse box from a 2000 sedan.
    I noticed the wagon does not have a pump relay like sedan does on rear driver side nor does it have the sensor on the tank
  2. denisond3

    denisond3 Moderator Staff Member

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    south TX or northern VA
    If you had the EVTM (Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual) for both the car it is going into and the car you got the harness from, it would at least show you all of the connections, and have pictorials showing where the components go.
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