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Wiper burn on my windshield, anyone have a pro tip to help?

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My dad died and I inherited his 95 escort wagon, apparently old wiper blades and the ash from the forest fires here in Washington state did a number on his windshield. Micro scratches all over where the wipers contact the windshield, I really want to avoid sourcing new glass. Color match paint cans and a rear bumper were hard enough to source. The visibility is fine during the day but at night it's like wearing a badly scratched pair of glasses then having a cop shine you with a spotlight.
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One thing I have heard of is to polish with dry newsprint. I used either chrome cleaner or was it Du Pont #7 polish years ago on my '56. Before using ANY polish, try it out in a right side corner and look through it at night if that is when you have your vision issue.

Condolences on the loss of your Father.
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