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Windshield replacement

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I know i asked how to do this earlier but i cant do it. What kind of tool/s do you need to get the windshield off of all of that black sealing stuff, keep in mind i am doing this in a junk yard so i cant use a heat gun or anything. I tried to do it with a knife and i cracked 2 windshields in the yard. :-? I could use some help so thanks for the input. :-D
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You´ll probably have to rip out the rubber molding first.

Then make a little hole through the Black Urethane sealant (with a heated nail from the inside) about in the top or bottom centre of the windsheild (doesn´t really matter)

Then get a length (about 2´-4´) of very thin piano wire....I meen VERY thin!

Then feed it through the hole made by the nail. So that one end of the wire is on the inside and the other is on the out side.

Then wrap one end around a ~6" section of dowel.....make sure it can´t slip or unwind.

Do the same with the other end.

Now grab both handles and pull back and forth like a sawing action...but also pulling towards you...it´s a bit awkward I know :-[

The wire will heat up with the friction and cut a lot faster in a second or two....just be carefull to not put TOO much tension on it or the wire will snap.(maybe get a few more lengths of wire before you are stuck out in the yard with no more wire)

Just go around the whole windsheild like that...and changing direction is fine ;-)

Yes...it´s a bit time consuming.....but it gets the job done

BTW...The rear glass is also the same
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