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Wheels-Tires Widest tires for 15 inch rims

Discussion in 'Wheels/Tires/Brakes' started by 1993tracer, Aug 24, 2019.

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    On my Zetec swapped 98 Wagon and with my suspension upgraded with new front CA poly bushings, Moog swaybar bushings, 21 mm rear bar, Poly rack mounts and KYB struts and progressive springs, the tires are really showing thier limitations. There doesn't seem to be any good performance tire in the 14 inch sizes anymore ( I had Bridgestone Pole positions for my 93 wagon and they were great). With the bad streets here in Chicago, I figured going up to 15 was probably as far as I want to got to avoid tire and rim Damage. What the widest anyone has gone without rolling the fenders. I think Neuspeed did 215's but not sure without rolled fenders. It appears only Goodyear has 215-50 15.
  2. 4cylinder

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    san diego, ca
    i have used 205/50 205/55 and 205/60 on the 15 inch wheels and have had no issues with hitting the fenders.

    The factory goodyear 205/55/15 will hit the struts on the factory wheels so you may need to install a 3-5mm spacer as ford did
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    Atlanta GA
    Depends on offset, rim width and if you're lowered. 18x7.5 215/35/18 42mm offset but I have a 5mm spacers in the rear cause they touch the struts and dropped about 3 inches and the rear lip is cut

    15x7 205/50/15 not sure the offset but it just clears the quarter

  4. novanutcase

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    I agree. It really depends on a lot of different factors when it comes to tire fitment.

    For example, I'm running a 205/45/17 currently with no rubbing issues but I also rolled the fenders and I'm also running on a set of Ground Control coilovers that have been cranked down pretty hard so my clearance issues would differ from yours OP.

    My suggestion is to either make a clearance tool that can measure how much clearance you have to fit a tire or buy a wheel rite tool to measure how much clearance you have to work with.

    I made a clearance tool with some scrap 1/2" x 1" wood strip. It was crude but effective. I was able to tell exactly how much clearance I had at each wheel along with being able to turn the wheel and make sure that the tires cleared in all positions.



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