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why goofing off on streets is dumb

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Long story short:
Brilliant 17 y/o kid showing off his MR2 jumps a median into a parking lot. Squeezes his car between an Integra Type-R and a pole missing both. Unfortunately he hit a Jetta TDI with a full Oettinger kit. Really stupid if you ask be. Being discussed on the vortex and an MR2 board.

i found this on http://www.focaljet.com
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On 2003-01-07 01:16, Slapyo wrote:

17 y/o kid showing off


......need I say more?

87 Escort GT (Another 1 Bites the Dust)

91 Escort GT (One of a kind, at least in my town)

They laugh? Show em what you got.

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wouldnt mind knowing what happened tho?

best thing about 127hp front WD.. that will NEVER happen


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1995 Escort GT

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My response woulda been twofold: 1) Beat the hell out of the kid once for being a stupid punk. And 2) when he wakes up beat him again for messing up my VW....
I´m with Zee....actually one of my friends has a 92 MR2, car before that was a SAAB 9000 turbo. He drives the crup out of that MR2. Pushes it really hard ALL the time no matter where it goes...but does stupid stuff like that all the time.

On New Years Eve, another friend with a Lumina LTZ took me to the city that´s north of me. He has a governor at 105 in this thing but he was doing 90. There was a blue something in front of us and a semi in the right lane ahead of the blue whatever. He floored it and screamed over into the right lane and under my amazement at going 104mph cut off the blue whatever, but didn´t bother to realize that lanes had merged into one.

So we were doing 104mph strattling the double yellows and running along side a tractor trailer combo and barely missing the oncoming traffic in the other lane.

I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE !!! I´m just glad I survived by other people paying attention.
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dude, zee, that was your jetta? are you serious?
and sorry to hear about you almost dying blade... just remember to sign your GT off to me
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Noooo. It wasn´t my Jetta. I was making a generalized comment, if it HAD been my Jetta... If it HAD, that video wouldn´t have been people milling about looking at the damage to the CAR.
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hahaha zeemax I like your sense of humor...

well, better a jetta than an EGT, right guys?
Being a jetta owner myself, I would definitely have to say, yes better the jetta than a scort.
I prolly would have let the moment get to me and said some bad words.. but it was a mistake.. thats why pencils have erasers.. if we ALL didnt do something stupid what kind of world do we live in.. my cuzing (the jerk he is) decided to see how close he could get to my car.. which usually pisses me off. but today i was like.. meh... he always does this and never hits.. (kaflamp) up my bumper he rides.. a big scuff.. but i kept my cool.. no point yelling and making him feel bad.. im sure he did.. hes paying for sum touchup paint tho hehe. anyways.. moral of the story is.. count to 10.. look at things from both angles.. and keep it cool...

good saying

"Before you judge/make fun of someone.. walk a mile in their shoes...... then when you do judge/make fun of someone.. you´ll be a mile away.. and you´ll have their shoes"
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Wow.. looks like he decided to drop the throttle right after that burnout instead of letting the car settle. MR2s, being responsive mid-engined cars are notorious for snap oversteer in the hands of novices. Had he just countersteered and eased off the throttle slightly, he may have saved it.

I´m just glad no one was standing next to the jetta. Actually, it´s amazing considering the amount of people around there.

Jettas, body kits, and 18" dumbells are replaceable.

Still, little bastard.. ´95 MR2 was my dream car back when I was driving the parents´ rig around on Sat nights.
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HAHA how funny is that... someone thought he was a badass and turns out he can´t drive for shit. Missing the car and pole looks like just dumb luck to me.

He never attempts to counter steer. looks like it starts to kick out the frame before he passes the arrow on the street. if he had let off the gas gently at that point it would have been nothing more than a wiggle. however he let it go... then it looks like he puts on the brakes but the front end doesn´t drop until just before he hit the grass... so it looks like he basically just lightly applied the brakes and held on for the ride until just before the grass. what a dink.

I agree with you Zee. I probably would have lost my temper. a mistake is one thing this is just stupidity.


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yeah I probably would buy a 95MR-2 just like that one, but I don´t have that kinda cash, so I´m "settling" (hardly a settle) on a 91 EGT. I just took it for a spin yesterday and it´s hella sweet.

She´s got some rust, the front bumper clips are a little worn out, the dash has a small crack in it, and the instrument cluster is a little on the fritz, but all stuff I can fix with you guyse´s help. I´m planning on buying it today or tommorrow, then putting it up on blocks for the winter and doing work when I can, and then just driving like mad in the summer... but anyway, I got a little side-tracked.

Yeah if I were that kid, probably the first thing I would have done instinctively was counter-steer... I know that that trick has saved my wagon from sliding off the road on more than one occasion, and I would definetly not consider myself an experienced driver. Kinda sad how he´s driving such a nice car and doesn´t know how to handle it. sigh.

anybody know what the aftermath of the situation was?
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"Kick his ass!" Kick his ass!"
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both cars went to shop, came back same as before. no apology from the stupid driver yet. that is about it i think. if you want, just goto http://www.vwvortex.com and do a search in the forum for MR2 and you will find the huge thread discussing this. the guy whom got hit is a user of that site and he posts a few times in that specific thread.
I agree with nuke, gotta stay cool. Main thing to always worry about is everyone being okay. As much as I love my scort, if it was totalled, it just means I need to start over. At least next time I know how to do everything just a little better
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I think he did try to countersteer.. but I think it started yawing to the right.. so he countersteered left, and then he got freaked out (probably because the front wheels weren´t doing much), dropped the throttle, the front tires bit all of a sudden (because mid engined cars transfer weight front to rear much more quickly than front or rear engined cars) and that´s why he veered off to the left. That´s what I thought I saw, at least. *shrug*

Not to say that he´s not to blame (twas a stupid thing to attempt)... just that it could happen to anyone not used to a car´s particular handling characteristics.
"best thing about 127hp front WD.. that will NEVER happen
.. "

you don´t think you could lose control of your car Nuke? I have and I about hit a pole when I slid around on some ice. if you go into a panic stop and try to turn unless you have ABS you´re gonna be outta luck. and if you play your cards..wrong...you could end up going way way out of control. just because the car is FWD doesn´t mean it can´t get away from you.
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but on a perfectly straight paved road that will NEVER happen like that.. if it ever does.. please tell me so i can sit in aww for a while.. then iill prolly get on with my life
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