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Why do people act like this?

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Ok friday night i was going to go pick up a friend to hang out but she didn´t want to, but she said ok maybe saturday, well Saturday afternoon, around 2:30 it rains and then freezes, then a blizzard hits. well When I went to pick up my friend around 8, most of it had been thawed by the salt trucks. But nobody cared. Everyone was doing like 10 under the limit, and I´m flyin past them, made it look like I was doing 80 mph in a 45, when i was actually only doing 45...my question is, why do people do that? Most everyone out has junkers that i doubt they cared about. I did see a really nice white Corvette Z06 and a white Camaro SS out though. Then later that night I saw two BIG Ol´ Suburbans and some other SUVs come flying down a road that´s still icey doing about 10 over the limit...what do they think that a 6000 pound truck will keep them from sliding everywhere?
I guess I don´t understand why people don´t know how to drive...it´s amazing.
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Have you ever driven in Alabama during inclement weather? (Even rain seems to freak everyone out here).

If the clouds are too dark they go 20 under the limit, and we´re not even going to talk about if they happen to see a snowflake! They practically get out and push their cars down the middle of the street they drive so slowly.

I can´t wait to get back home to PA where people know how to drive when the sun´s not shining!
When I went to Huntsville Alabama to pick up my brother from ROTC, it rained EVERYDAY there... I was in 9th grade I believe so i didn´t really notice traffic or cars that much quite yet. But there didn´t seem to be any problems that I remember.
My sister in law is from lower Alabama by Montgomery, and when she drives up here she gets SO mad at people when they don´t take off from stoplights like a bat out of hell. Or when they use the WHOLE onramp to finally merge over on the highway. It´s funny to ride with her. I thought I was aggressive, she can be worse.
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Yeah. There are all kindsa drivers out there, most of em not as intent on what they´re doin as we are. I think any time you get a bunch of folks together, like say on a highway, there´s a herd instinct in effect. Ya know, one dumb cow and the whole herd follows!!!

The ones that don´t slow down when its slick make me madder than the ones that slow down too much tho. There´s the danger they´ll lose it and take you out too.

I take my 3/4 ton truck when it snows- way more steel to protect me just in case. Also, I can pull the fools out of snowbanks.
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Hey, as long as you don´t think that your 3/4 ton truck makes you invincible, I´m good with you driving it.
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Hey Paul I wouldn´t say everyone around here knows how to drive. Lat year we had asome good snows and me and my buddy were out goofing around in it when we drove past a nice new exterra. The guy was coming off of hill road by lake antietem and tried to stop at the bottom and didn´t so he hit the guardrail and pushed the side step into the tire and couldn´t drive. So my and my buddy had to rip it off his car so he could get home. Than last tuesday we got some and i was driving around the lake to go to work and some guy had put his car down the bank by the one turnoff for the lake. So I wouldn´t say everyone knows how to handle it here.
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I must admit I drive like a bat out of hell regardless of the weather hot cold dry wet snow slush ice mud etc..But you would think that people in the Seattle area would at least know how to drive in the rain right?wrong...I swear man I see these Idiots crashing into each other and then they don´t have the common sense to move the cars out of the road.You know the type "I was in an accident,so it must be ok to screw up the commute for the 1 million other people on I-5 "Then the untrained tow truck drivers that some companies hire use two more lanes to pick up a geo metro two door.aaaargh!I think I shall jump in the caddy and do like 10 miles an hour down the freeway and turn up the stereo so I can´t hear the horns.heh he!It reminds me of when I was like 14(with no license) and we would get on the freeway at like 4pm and just jam the binders which caused a chain reaction, then we would exit and sit on this bridge and watch the brake lights for hours.

On 2002-12-02 00:08, 91scortgtboy wrote:
...So I wouldn´t say everyone knows how to handle it here.


Okay, not everyone knows how to drive there, or anywhere for that matter, but there is a much higher percentage of people that do know how do drive in comparison to other parts of the country, and I´ve traveled a bit in my day too.
In my old job, I was an ´essential´ employee meaning that it doesn´t matter how much snow there is, your butt´s coming to work... My boss picked me and another person up and then drove like 55 in a 35 zone, on sheet ice, and just grinned and laughed the whole way in. I had my fingers dug in the armrest most of the way. I like driving fast but this guy was nuts. I commented on it a year later to him and he didn´t remember doing that. Hmm. Temporary insanity I guess. Oh, I should mention - he had a Ford F350 4X4, capable yes but I was still expecting to hit a couple of trees.
James I thought Zo6´s came only in black, red and yellow, not white.
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OK, so maybe it was a base Vette then. Z06s Come in Torch Red, Electron Blue Metallic, Quicksilver Metallic, Black, and Millennium Yellow. All I saw was a White Corvette with 4 tailpipes sticking out the center of the rear of the car, I was drooling none the less
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No one is invincible, and that goes double for me!!!

Had a ride in a 5 series BMW a few years back on snow-covered roads. Driver (owns Otto´s BMW) was motoring like the roads were dry and I was amazed. Car was getting traction and wasn´t slipping at all. Remember, BMW´s are rear wheel drive.
still, caution is advisable
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me and my buddy took his moms tracer out a few times in the snow and let some air out of the tires. and we had not a problem going anywhere. Did some nice 360´s also. The scort is also pretty good int he snow.
Hell, here in MS, if you drop a bag of ice in the road, they close the whole damn town.
The last time we actually got a real winter down here...I mean with measurable snow, was like two or three years ago, it only last two and a half days but it snowed at least six to eight inches....the only thing out was city trucks, 4x4 ******** and my silly ass in my Red Scort.....since I was the only one in the family with a decent front wheel drive car. My car wasn´t lowered at the time...thank God, but it was still hell. I know this for a fact....if the weather is less than great...slow your ass down. As many of you know, my g/f just lost her cousin b/c he was driving too damn fast in the early morning and it was wet and foggy. Gang its not that really important to drive fast when the road conditions sucks. Yes...I´m acting like a parent but you guys are my family....so I have to be a pain.
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HA try driving in multiple inches of snow...for 5 MONTHS of the year! oct-feb, usually brings snow up here, and tons of it! and ppl still can´t learn to drive in the white stuff. i think that´s why i see so many 2003 models flyin around about now
Yeah, but I think there is a correlation between how much it usually snows somewhere and people´s ability to handle it. If it snows alot, they adjust. Round here, the stores get sold out of bread, milk and eggs the day before it might snow. They´re kinda scared I guess. I mean it´s a joke and all, even on the news they say, hey everybody must be plannin to make a lotta french toast or somethin!!!

My friend in Fort Worth TX says people totally freak out if it snows- have no idea how to handle it.
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I just noticed that I posted this thing in the kill list section, why the hell did i do that? I don´t know...heh I think I was half asleep last time I was on here.
I think there´s a conspiracy going on between the local news media and grocery stores. We´ll get low temperatures and although the Weather Channel isn´t forecasting any possibility of snow/ice, the local guys will tell everyone to ´be prepared for possible winter conditions.´ Then, everyone goes to the market for bread, milk,etc. I think that the groceries have a slump in sales and call the news outlets with a snow alert to raise business. And then, whaddya know? NO SNOW....
...and then there´s the link between tire shops and the Dept. of Transportation not filling potholes. But they will repave a perfectly good road to preserve their budget allocation. Connection? You decide. The truth is out there.
Actually I think its between places that sell wheels and hubcaps and the D.O.T. potholes are murder on hubcaps, and if people are like me. they can´t be runnin around town with only 3 hubcaps. (I´m so glad Ford put full fledged Wheels on the 2nd gen EGTs.) I almost did lose one hubcap off my Geo last year when I hit a horrendous pothole. The car is so small and the hole was so big, I´m surprised it didn´t eat me and the car alive right then and there
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