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Why do my co-workers make fun of my Escort?

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My co-workers dont apreciate the scortness. I need some good comeback lines for when they do it again.
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Everyone makes fun of my Scort, it looks like a piece of shit, but its 11 years old and has 86500 miles on it. My brother, my friends, dad, mom, sister etc all make fun of it, but you know, i´m the only one not making payments on my car to some company. which then leaves me money to fix it up and make it faster and better than all their cars, and when i can beat them i can say that my POS will beat out your top-of-the-line 2000 Honda Civic SI, or my POS beat your 2001 Mustang GT. Funny isn´t it?
If i were you i´d just ignore it and not let it get to you.

Red 92 EGT
Just think, Mine is now turbocharged, and at the moment is pushing no boost, has the timing retarded a bit, and weighs more....so its SLOWER then before.

Everyone is pretty much making fun of me. I´ve decided I want to just rename it to:
Escort GTX-SLO

Just think its a GT that´s turbo´d (now GTX seems sufficient) and X-SLO for eXtra - Super Low Output

Oh well...need to get the thing idling, then need to get it back to boosting a little.
I just tell everyone they are jealouse because mine is so original. I ask them"How many other 89 Escort GTs do you see driving down the street with no front bumper, a loud ass cherry bomb, and a hood that is one shade lighter than the rest of the body??? That´s what I though. And thats why it´s sooo awsome, cuz there are none like it."
Many people laughed at me b/c I have an alarm on my car. And this was before I did all the mods. to it. Then when they sat in it and heard my system...they shut the hell up!! My car is 14 years old, has 149500 miles and runs like a dream. She´s paid for, looks good, sounds good and gets me where I want to go with no time wasted at the GAS STATION!
If they keep laughing at you, just look at them and say, "At least I didn´t sell out to a Honda or other rice cooker." "My shits original and runs like a badass banchee. " You guys with the GT Scorts can say that, I can´t since my auto isn´t that quick an d with all that sounds equipment...well...I´ll race you in a dB Drag instead. LOL
Shorty, don´t let anybody talk you down about your Scort, thats why we at F.E.O.A are brothers and sisters, we stick together when others shun us.
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Well I take a lot of pride in my Scort. It´s one of the few cars in the parking lot at college that actually has water bead up on it when it rains (I wax it regularly) and it runs really smoothly.

My friend makes fun of it and says it looks like it was beaten with a plastic hockey stick (probably was, the previous owner was a freakin psycho), but I still love it to death.

Most of my friends don´t even have cars, so I´m already ahead of the game!

And what´s a rice rocket? I´ve heard that before but never knew what it meant.
If your refering to "rice cooker" its another name for a import car that has all the aftermarket plastic surgery. Anybody can buy a Honda, Mitsubishi(?), Nissan or Toyota and buy "off the shelf help". They follow a cliche´ that is getting worn down too much and is starting to look very stupid. We drive American made cars w/ a little Mazda touch
, we don´t sell out to the import losers. Every Scort owner is a very lucky he or she to have one in the driveway. We are fuel and tire burners...not rice burners!!
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A Rice Rocket on the other hand refers to a Japanese motorcycle, i.e. a Yamaha R1 or Honda CBR.

You guys want to hear about owning a car that everyone laughs at before I owned the Pimpscort, I owned a 1977 AMC Matador that was painted camoflage. It had an AMC 360 engine, dual glasspack exhaust, a decent cam, holley 750 carb, and an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold. That thing would haul major balls, eventhough it weight 5000 lbs. And the lope while it was ideling was sooo sweet. But until anyone sat in it and got shoved back in their seat, I caough MAJOR hell from anybody who look at it. But the real awsome thing about it was that they are hella rare, and they were actually built by AMC so they would have a car they could race in NASCAR, so it handeled rather well for a car its size. But until I told people that, it was just a piece of crap beat up ass old 70´s relic that was related to the Gremlin. I loved that car, I still love it, I sold it to my brother in law when he turned 16, so I´m still able to keep my eye on it. We have since painted it primer grey, but it still draws weird looks and awkward stares.
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You know what i say to everyone who says somthing about my scort:"f**k You!" I think that car is just as powerful as any jap scrap piece of crap. But the one good thing about people making fun of it is that it makes the scort the perfect sleeper car.if no one wants to take you serious with it tell them to put their money where there mouth is , and then when you take em you get theri money and you get them to shut up about it. I get crap about my car all the time. it´s 11 yearas old with 120,000 on it and it still runs good. yeah it´s got some dents here and there but the paint is still in good condition. And when i tell them "yeah but it still turns heads", I get at what middle school. I don´t care they are all jealous they can´t own a scort.
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Hmm.. you wanted comeback lines. Well I´ve seen 3 pages of acronyms for cars and I can´t remember them all, but here are a few new ones that I want to add to that master list.

SAAB: Snaab
SAAB: Swedish And Always Broken
i get crap about being a scort fan too. i beat the living crap out of it and it runs like hell, i never sunk any money into it that i didn´t want to, and it never let me stranded. infact when other family members vehicles let them stranded guess what cars picked them up. i have a 94 and 92 gt, just last summer i went on vacation 700 miles one way, i got alot of comments like, your gonna take the scort that far will it make it. didn´t even think twice about taking it that far and i took the 92 gt with 90000 miles on it. i just tell them they should get one there one tough cars, think a honda could take a beating like that, i think not. one more thing, i am so tired of hearing how long hondas last, thats such a crock, just watchem rust
Most people think that scorts are "girl cars". I have two scorts- a 1991 LX (which is now a parts car) and a 1998 SC, which I just swapped the motor out yesterday. My 1991 ran fine...no power, but fine...until the tranny went out. $1000 later, it was running again. It got parked at my moms house when I got my 1984 Camaro, and became my parts car when the radiator went out in my 98 scort. Anyway, two blown head gaskets later, my dad and I decided to just drop in a new (used) motor from Rusty Acres (local salvage yard that SPECIALIZES in fords!!!), due to time constraints. (It would take longer to take the head back off, take it to a machine shop to check, wait for them to get around to check it, put it back on, etc...also, to check the block for a crack, we would have had to pull the engine anyway, so it was like, f´ck it! Time for a new motor!) Hopefully when we finish hooking it up tomorrow, it will be running again.
Your coworkers make fun of your car because they suck. Do your friends make fun of your car too? Ditch ´em, who needs friends anyway?

They´re making fun of the name, and the reputation that came with the Escort as a disposable vehicle. That´s just how it is. Reputations and first impressions always win out over perseverance.
Thats why I wish I lived in England. You say Escort there and people are like "Whoa, that´s awsome." Scorts got a bad rap here in North America. Had they brought the same Scorts over here that they have in England, there wouldn´t be a rice burner around that would mess with a Scort. They would brag about smoking scort, or even hanging with one, instead of taking them for granted.
Most of the guys I hang with out here would laugh at a scort before I came along...now I get respect. Its different, and it does the job....but everytime I hear about how great the VR4 or the GST is...I have to remind them....I have 8k into my car purchasing it and everything.

The VR4 was 10k and needs a 5k dollar new tranny now. The GST was 10k plus the 3k he has into it....its still running 14.4sec (even though he´s doing it at 107mph)....oh well, still more respect then this guy that comes up here from Phx with an 800hp Toyota Supra. He and his mom have matching supras. That why she has over 160k into both of them.
My co-workers are merciless wrt my Tracer, and for that matter, so am I.

It´s a love-hate relationship. The car seems to love me, and I hate it
. Seriously, though, it´s treated me reasonably well for a 10yo with 110K on it. The engine´s anemic, but the suspension is great, and it works nicely for the daily commute on 101. The next step for me is getting it painted (it´s suffering from Ford-Baked-Hood-Syndrome. i.e. the paint looks like it has a bad case of dandruff). Then I want to hit JC Whitney or similar to do the power door lock/keyless entry upgrades (the only feature I miss when driving the Tracer instead of my wife´s CR/V).

Let your co-workers nag ya--that´s what they´re there for. So what. If the car gets the job done, who cares? No use getting depressed, defensive, or pissed off about it.
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The beauty of scorts IS that they´re underappreciated!

That makes them a lot cheaper to purchase.

And they´re the perfect sleeper. No on expects them to be fast.

Who really cares what those losers think anyway?
My friends make fun a my escort. sure it has no front grill the bumper is cracked, the windshield has a crack from passenger to driver side, the coolant gauge doesn´t work, and it doesnt have the nicest bonda job in the world but it was cheap to buy. It doesnt leak an ounce of oil, it drives straight, still beats new Civics off the line, is paid for, and hey when the check engine light comes on a date it put off a nice romantic glow. So when they make fun of me for giving up my brand new chevy truck i just throw them the keys and so take the slow POS for a spin. When they come back they are very surprised. Good think i have an extra set of keys :p
ppl used to laugh when i first bought the scort. When i got borla exhaust, they used to laugh, but were curious...when they heard the alarm...they laughed, when i opened the trunk to show 2 mtx thunder 8000 15´s and 2 rockford fosgate 800 watt amps...well, they dont laugh anymore... :-]
What sad is when a customer rags on you about your car. If he wasn´t such a good customer (as far as business goes) I would have ran his ******* ass over. 92gt5spd: I know what you mean about being laughed at for an alarm. When I first started work here my boss´s friend laughed about my alarm. Of course you can´t see my system with my hatch cover installed, but when I opened the hatch he stopped laughing that instant. I also told him that Honda was more prone for being stolen than my car, not a bad incentive when your an "unpopular" car. ;-)
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