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Why do all performance struts say "excluding ABS"?

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I´m looking around at suspension components for a GT i´m thinking of buying, and I´ve noticed that all the performance aftermarket struts say that they´re not for ABS equipped Escorts.

You can get Monroe Sensatrac´s that work with the ABS models. Why not Tokico´s?

How would Monroe´s work with Eibach Pro-Kit springs? I don´t want problems with ABS and i don´t want a ´bouncy´ ride because the struts aren´t up to snuff.

Seems like you´ll get one or the other... good handling with a blinking ABS light... or bouncy ride and no ABS light.

Maybe I should look at a VW GTI instead?
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The Escort i´m looking at is a ´94 with ABS.
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