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come on guys spill it, whos got what hooked up in their rides and under the hood??

for me:
full walker x-ost flowmaster muffler
ractive cold air intake

thats about it FOR NOW!!!!

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here´s mine:

gude ported and polished high compression cylinder head
gude racing valve grind
gude ported intake manifold
gude high velocity throttle body
gude racing cams
gude racing header
block bored over 1mm
custom 11:1 flat top je pistons
block decked
everything blue printed and balanced
custom cold air intake
clutchmasters stage 3 clutch

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By the end of June:

VJ-20 turbo, intercooled
blitz BOV

Oh yeah...
2.25" Exhaust (custom)
AirDynamic Duel Inline Mufflers
K&N intake


Jason Blade
93´ Escort GT

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hopefully by the end of summer i´ll have aquired enough wealth to get a K&N filter, but currently nothing
, and i don´t plan on anything besides the filter, cuz i wanna stay in the H stock class for some autox´ing locally here.
i´ve pumped all my previous funds into exterior/interior mods that make the scort look cooler, but that´s aboot it

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i want gude cams!!
are they really good? notice a big difference?
i have a 5 speed and i heard cams are one of the best things to get

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All kinds of goodies..
JDM 1.8L GTX motor, ported exhaust manifold, T3-T4 turbo, Vishinu Fuel Rail, 3/8 fuel line, 550cc/min injectors, 225LPH high pressure pump, NOS 50shot wet setup, Greddy TypeS blow off valve, SDSefi fuel and ignition computer, Crane HI6 ignition amp, MSD blaster2 coil Magnicore 8.5mm wires, ZEX plugs, 20x10x2.75 griffen intercooler, 2.5inch custom aluminum intercooler piping. Thats all I can remember right now thats under the hood.
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