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Who has done gtx swap

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I want to do my swap very soon by summer and I have a few questions. I know the basic parts that you need engine, intercooler, clutch and the others. But what do I have to get to have my engine running good? What electronics do I need to control air/fuel, ignition so my car could idle good? If i get the j-spec ecu will that solve the probleams or what about the HALTECH E6K from http://www.barelylegaltransplants.com/ ok thanks!!
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Denis, Orlando, Adam, and ahhh....someone with an LX I saw swapped to a GTX.
I am in the process, I got it running but am trying to tune it now. :-? :-| :-Y
$875.. and $300 - 400 for ECU and thats not bad at all.. considering when i look at what my friend is paying for for his SiR b16a motor.. 2200.. does come with tranny and ECU though..
Oh.. and if anyone could asnwer his questions because i would like to know the same! Thanks
There are a number of different ways to control the GTX motor; Haltech e6k, Tec III, SDS, are some of the stand alone EMS that I would recommend. Or you can also wire up the JDM ECU, or even use the US Stock ECU along with a Cartech FMU, Timing controller, etc. to have it control the motor. It honestly depends on how much time, money, and how knowledgeable you are in mechanics.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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