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who has best price for clear corners

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looking to buy clear corners for 94 gt, anybody know where or what site has the best price for them, direct part.com has them for $45 plus shipping. anybody know if i can do better somewhere else, figured you guys would know. in us dollars please, you canadians screw me up.
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Just think how us Canadians feel about your money "WOW....everything is soooo cheap....oh wait...no!"

Well anyway


Price: $33.99
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thanks that a little better price, think i´m gonna try it, what is that in canadian $200
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Nope (just to be an ass):p

it´s $55.40 CDN with $12.60 Brokerage fee to get it across the border

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that wouldn´t surprise me, don´t know anything about can. money. i get canadian coins now and than as change, thats as close as i get
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Actually if you check on ebay, procarparts lets them go for 25 bucks for a pair and they come with the amber bulbs and new harneses
Got a pair from proparts also/ look great onthe car and come with the bulbs. Good stuff and well priced. 1993 lx
Just checked ProCarParts and they don´t show a pair for the Escort. I know I saw them before. Hope they didn´t stop carrying... What gets me is that they still have clear corners for a Ford Crown Vic. What´s up with that?
i know i seen them before too, just went there and they don´t have em, didn´t have the money when i first seen them, it would suck if they stopped stocking them cause that is a good price, and all the other ones don´t come with the bulbs either
www.pacificie.com Pacific Import Export also has them IF you can´t get them from Rob (Please Support Rob!!!!! Great guy!!!)
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