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White EGT!

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Hey vipergt662 what color GT do you drive? If it´s white and a 93 or up model then I think I saw you today up on Washington Center.

At about 4:10 were you driving on Washington Center and had just passed an accident where a Buick had rear ended a Nissan? There where two spankin´ new Chevy Impala Cop cars behind the Buick and there was a Tow truck with the Nissan on the bed. If that was you then Hi!. if not I gotta go find this person because that car was VERY clean and it had a nice tint job.
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Ah. Ok. if I had seen teh back of it I might have been able to tell who it was...i´ve been seein a white GT up at the Meijer off Lima with a black bumper sticker on it.
lol I already did once :)
I wish I had made a new post to get your attention before the 15th. i felt weird standing in a parking lot for 2 hours lol ;-)
Thats cool. You got a Pioneer DEH 2100 Mosfet supertuner too!? lol yeah I bought that one because my friend bought it for his Dynasty and it was f*&king awesome for the price. I had it originally installed in my Geo but i wrecked that and tore it out and put it in my Escort. :-] One of these days I´ll go through my car and find that spot you´re talking about to re run my amp wire. right now it´s in there ghetto style. hehe

If you want to meet, then when´s a good weekend for you? i´m busy this weekend and maybe even the next. But sometime after it´s for sure going to stay 60 degrees or above I´ll be happy to drive back to Columbus and you can show me around town. I thought the downtown was absolutely beautiful, much better than Fort Wayne, (i love architecture as much as I love my car). I´ll be happy to drive down there.
I got there in 2 and a quarter hours on the 15th. At 12:15 i left autozone in my city and at 2:34 I entered Columbus...then it took me another hour to drive through the ghetto (Livingston avenue, or US 33 W) to get to the otherside where I met birddog. Anyway, yeah write me up and email with your cell. I´ll give ya a call soon. [email protected] .
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Unless you did a shit load of driving at 170 mph, I don´t think it was either ;-)
I was goin down state street today and I looked over to see a REALLY clean black 93 or up GT with twin pin stripes. Then two seconds later and 3 cars behind him there was a grayish 92 GT goin the same way. I was like SWEEET lol

Get this. a newer Camaro Z28 rolled by with a new hood with an SS hood scoop on it, there was this guy standing there with us, and he went "my grand prix (gt) could take that" But I didn´t quite hear it otherwise I woulda pulled out my big Bullsh*t Flag. 195 hp 205 lb ft torque vs. 285 hp 310 lb ft torque. yeah I´m sure his Grand Prix could hold it´s own against that 350...NOT.
I know the gear ratios for the G5M/G25M-R tranny on the 1.8, they are:

But do the math for me. want to know how to figure out what the drive shafts will be spinning at when redlining 5th gear at 7k rpm.
I´ve stuck my car out at 115 mph doing 6900 rpm in 4th gear. :-o

26-03-2003 at 17:46, 92gt5spd wrote:
lol....uhhh james...i dont remember the formula...i´ll get back to u tonight abut it...my roomate knows it and i´m at work.


Must be nice to sit on here at work. if I did that I´d have about 2500 posts...if your roommate knows it, call him up :-]
Not to take sides or anything but I had a friend with an 88 Dodge Dynasty with a V6 (one cyl was clogged though), with a speedo that went to 85, he caught up to my other friends Taurus at 115 mph in his Dynasty so I´m sure the speedo doesn´t mean that top speed is set in stone.
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