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White EGT!

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Hey vipergt662 what color GT do you drive? If it´s white and a 93 or up model then I think I saw you today up on Washington Center.

At about 4:10 were you driving on Washington Center and had just passed an accident where a Buick had rear ended a Nissan? There where two spankin´ new Chevy Impala Cop cars behind the Buick and there was a Tow truck with the Nissan on the bed. If that was you then Hi!. if not I gotta go find this person because that car was VERY clean and it had a nice tint job.
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Nope wasnt me my car is identical to yours except I have a 91 and a sunroof, and no tint on the windows.
I have the rust spot under the fuel door, but the paint is still on the rust spot so it is not that bad, and i have a rust spot 6 inches in front of that one, and an identical one on the passenger side.
I hope most of you realize that, damn near all speedos are only accurate to 70 mph, i am not saying you didnt go 140 i am just saying that most speedos are not accurate over 70.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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