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Which headlights fit better

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I am looking into this as a possibility what headlights are easiest to work with? I was looking at some mirage lights and they are close to the tracer headlights.DOes anyone know which headlights work best? I dont want to go with bmw as i want something a bit diffrent i was thinking of building a custom setup something like the euro style headlights for the escorts.Building the same setup as with the custom taillights pvc,bodyfiller so on...let me know i saw some cool headlights on ebay for alot of diffrent models
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I am really diggin´ my BMW 3-series headlights (E36, which is 92-97, I believe). It is the dual-round-per-side system that tucks up under the hood (eyebrowed). The beam pattern is much better, and you have twice the bulbs. The bulbs are 9005 and 9006, so there is a host of aftermarket, hot rod bulbs available.

Hey Marcus, do you have any pics of the beemer lights?

Also, for everybody, another car with the dual lights is the 2nd generation Isuzu Impulse, relative of the Storm. Those lights may be convertible to the Escort.
What year or model of mecury tracer clear corner lights that would fit on my 91 scort gt
Thanks, Jason, I am pretty jazzed about them, myself. As for pics, Zee, I do have some early pics as a before and after, but I don´t know how to post them. I can e-mail them to you, or Jason could post the early pics I sent him. I do have both sets with the Tracer corners, and have to do some final fabbing to get the headlights aligned properly. One option is to remove the stock clear lenses from the BMW units and use GTS clears to make it look more OEM, but I chose to use the BMW lenses. Even though their angle and curvature do not match the front of an Escort, but they are slightly shorter in height, which, when tucked up under the hood, makes for a nice cold air induction port between the headlights and the bumper.

The wiring was a bit difficult, since I wanted the lights to work as designed, but with a separate relay for each, they function properly. With a 40 amp relay for each light, it takes all the load off the stock wiring, so I can, now, run any bulb my alternator can handle. 8 )

I will take some final pics when I actually clean the damn car, which I haven´t done in a month, or so. I have been busy gathering parts, installing and adjusting my Ford Racing ZX2 coilover kit. Brake projects, shifter projects, headlight projects, suspension projects, man, I have been in car projectin´ heaven. Tonight´s project is a Flyin´ Miata exhaust on a yellow ´92...if the rain holds off a bit.

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Here´s a site that has a completely custom Scort with BMW headlights and Skyline tails. Check it out!
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yeah i know the bmw lights look cool but has anyone tried any others for an easier fit? How about accord? Civic? mirage? if we can use the honda bodykits why wont the headlights mount up? i mean i have always had bolt on stuff i want diffrent headlights now
We can´t use different headlights because none of them fit! If there were ones that fit that easily MANY MANY people would already have them. The only choice is to find some you like and do some body work to fit them in. Make some projectors from the stock headlights and then you can say you have some lights that nobody else has.
Hey Blade, if I am right you are attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona right? What are you majoring in? I only ask because I am going to be attending ERAU in the spring. The only difference is that I´m going to the Daytona Beach campus. I´m really gonna feel like an a** if I´m wrong.
BTW, how on earth did you make those lights? I would love to get rid of those ugly, foggy lenses on my EGT.
They are BMW 3-series lights.
Thanks for posting them for me, Jason. As you know, computer illiterateracy is one of my foibles.

I am still working out the adjustment provisions, but the lighting is so far superior to the stockers, that aiming the new set-up has not been critical. I don´t know if I told you, but I am coming straight off the alternator post, so I am not losing the 1/2 volt I would coming off the battery. As for the fogs, they are late-model Camaro high beams (65 watt bulbs) and are the best combination of price and performance.

The ZX2 kit is keeping me quite entertained, by the way. I will keep you updated.

ok so i see the 3 series but what about 5 series? like from a 528i ? see i dont have any ability to go around and measure light holes or light fixtures..(Never have time) i was even thinking about picking up the 5 series and taking the smaller lights out and making something else help me out soon please as i saw some 5 series cheap...
There are a number of four-headlight units that would fit. If you go to your local U-Pull-It, you should be able to find anything from an old Toyota Celica, or Corolla, to an E30 3-series, or early 5-series, that you could make fit. I had several reasons for choosing the E36 3-series, not the least of which was the offset of the lights (highs forward of the lows), and the smooth plastic bezel around the lights. The least expensive way to go would be to get a standard round set from one of the aforementioned cars and try to fab something. It is really more time consuming, than hard. Think of it as "mental masturbation," I suppose. If I were to go that route, I would still try to mount the lights high enough to eyebrow them underneath the leading edge of the hood, and, to continue the theme, black tape, or paint, the tops of the lights that are inset behind the edge of the hood. To cover the unit, OEM-style, use some clear GTS headlight covers. The only difficult part is making a clean bezel to hide your headlight buckets and bracketing.

As for price, my new TYC units came from Kelly at headlightwarehouse.com at $74.25 per side. Compared to all the headlight conversions out there for other cars, this seems like a relative steal. I spent some small dollars on wire, relays, aluminum, and Tracer parking lights ($12.00/pair), but that´s all gravy after the initial outlay.

I, personally, like round headlights, not only for performance, but for the "animation" it gives the car. By "animation" I mean that it gives the car personality, as if it has a face, that rectangular lights just can´t duplicate. For just that reason, I love the big pop-ups on our Miata. I wouldn´t have one of those headlight kits that eliminates the bug-eyed face of our Miata.

Good luck hunting.



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How did you wire those into the factory lights? Are those 325, m3?? When you do the swap, what other mods do you have to make, do you have to get the clear gts covers? I ask because the local Auto Zone said that they couldn´t get them. Sorry about all the questions
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Damn those are sweet lookin´, with the Beemer headlights and the fog lamps it makes it look really mean, kinda like a tiger with fangs or something that´s ready to pounce on Civics and Cavaliers...
I hope I can get some spare time this summer, I wanna try that out, if the car makes it to summer.
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all 91-96 tracer corners fit all gen2 Escorts, BUT: for 93 the lens pattern changed from having 3 horizontal bands of facets to 5, and the socket changed from the roun push and twist brass base type bulb to the plug in plastic base type bulb. As for the lens pattern, it´s not important and most people won´t notice it. As for the socket, If you are putting a newer style in your 91, You may need the sockets too because I think(but am not sure-someone here might be) the way the socket fits into the fixture changed along with the bulb style.
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Those are really sweet looking Headlights ....

What I would be interested in, as I have a local U-Pull-It yard near me that has an E30 and E36 in the yard ready to have it´s eyes plucked out..
.... Is if someone can write up (if there is not already one that I can´t find..) a How-To FAQ on the BMW Headlight Conversion for the 91-95 EGT.

Since I am not that technically enclined when it comes to cars (Computer networking is my forte), I would love to get my hands on the instructions and parts list for the conversion.. Those I can at least follow..

MrVermin (Joel Blass)
´94 Red EGT
Plated: "MRVRMN"
"let the Turbofication Begine..."
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