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It´s been 7 days since he´s been online...does anyone know if he´s taking finals or something??? Just wonderin cause I´m climbin real high on my posts, and he´s gonna be upset to have to try to catch up ;-)

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Yo....na its okay. I dont really care about posts. Well here´s what´s been up with me:

School started; taking:
Cryptography & Computer Security
Software Engineering Senior Project Design
Studies in Racism
Engineering Physics III

Got sick and tired of my car being out of commission for the past month so I finally replaced the heatercore.

It was a PAIN IN THE ASS. I should of guessed it would be a pain when step 1 is: Remove Instrument Panel.
No kidding everything from the firewall back had to come out. I took pictures though.


Took me 2 days to actually do it, and 3 weeks to figure out what the diagrams left out. Needed two different friends help to do it too.

Since I had to rip everything out, I decided by this June I was going to have totally custom interior. Everything that was grey is now black and everything black is now white...well at least on the dash and consoles.

I cut the ebrake console and mounted he Boost Timing Master control switch, so I can adjust the timing while driving and made it look nice.

Next up are pillars, doors and headliner. Then, I´m going to re-design my sound system layout and ditch my backseat to mount the 2 amps I have.

Need to install my bigger fuel pump this week too.

talk to ya all when I get a chance.
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