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wheel question

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I´ve been looking on ebay a lot and keep seeing 17" civic wheels go for 300-400 dollars. I was just wondering, if the wheels have a 4x100 bolt pattern and a "40+" offset, will they fit? Also, if I buy some eibach springs with my stock wheels/tires (93 egt), how low will my car look. My buddy has a focus with his stock 16´s, 40 rated tires, and eibach springs (the one that lower it two inches) and it looks slammed. I just thought of something, how hard would it be to get 18´s under my car if it´s not lowered at all and with 35 rated tires?
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not sure...I know the Scorts have a 38 mm offset so I don´t know if a 40 mm would fit when turning the tires completely in/out. I think you could fit 18s on your car but you probably wouldn´t be able to lock your wheels in a full turn.
Civic wheel will fit fine. 4x100 is the correct bolt pattern. 38mm is the offset for an escort, however 40mm will be okay, just dont go to the 42´s sometimes found on Integra´s.

18´s are an easy fit with a 205/35-18 tire.

Denis Gagnon has 18´s on his 96GT, It just looks damn sic! gives a look of a really high class beemer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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