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wheel pulling...

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so I put a set of GT wheels on my LX. And ever since then, my car has been pulling funny. I think it might have been happening before I just didnt notice it as much cuz the tires I had where really bad, I mean REALLY bad(dont ask....) so my tires werent to sensitive to much of anything.

Anyway, I could be driving and all of a sudden I will feel this sudden jerk against the steering wheel, no specific direction, just a jerk. And when I brake, The car pulls to the side as well, again, no specific direction.

What could this be? Im confused because it wouldnt make sense to me that the wheels or tires would be to blame. BUT! It didnt seem to do it before.
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lift the front and check if everyting is tight. when i change from 14 to 16inch will, i had the same problem when breaking, it was a tie rod.
it sounds to me like the problems i had with my cutlas ciera, ended up being my brake caliper was shot. check to see if you have any brake pad left, the ceck your rotors, if the brake pad seems to pulsate, youmay have warped rotors, like mine did.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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