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My car is called " Sparkles" or "Sparkle Car" mostly because of her interior. Which reminds me that I still haven´t posted my pic sof my stereo in back. Sorry guys!!! I´m realyl busy with finals and job hunting...so I will try and get that done. I have noticed though...most guys have a "boy" car and girls have a "girl" car. But there are still a few guys who genuinely appreciate their car enough to give it a girl name, and I know some of you spend more time, money, and effort on your car than any real human being. lol But dammit, they are your cars. LOL :) ( No offense...i just think its cute!!)

I don´t think any name for a vehicle is too wierd. I have a friend with a truck called the " Red Rebel" b/c he lost his virginity in it. He todl me he´d never get rid of that truck unless it blew up. As far as I know it hasn´t, but now he stores it in a garage. So, if you think you have a wierd name for your car, at least you don´t make it a personal museum to yourself. lol

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