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What´s the hose that runs from the Air Intake Box to the ?Valve Cover?, and what is it´s purpose?

Mine´s starting to crack a little bit and I was just wondering if that might be the source of some of my problems (car not wanting to start when the engine´s warm, low idle at times...).
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it removes excess air/gasses from the valve cover and puts it back into the intake.

correct if i´m wrong here guys, but im pretty sure that is what it does.

or does it send a little fresh air in?? lol it´s gotta be one of the two.
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Now lemme think... I know no more than slap or anybody else about it, but here´s what I´ve gathered....
You mean the little hose that goes fom the fat intake pipe to the cam cover? Might be part of the deal where they make sure no pressure builds up in the crankcase, and lets oily gasses get burnt for emisons purposes. I remember seeing something that said you don´t really need that connection and some aftermarket intake pipes don´t have a boss for it so you just put one of those tiny K&N cone filters on the little bit that comes out of the cam cover.
Its a valvecover breather and recirculation. It lets some air flow over the cams while the car is running. This just gives a little cooling to the oil and stuff.

Here´s what to do. Buy a breather for 10 bucks from the local parts store and put it on the nipple to the valve cover. Take some epoxy and fill the white nipple on the intake hose...make sure its air tight.

--there ya go, upgrade in looks and the problem soved.
Yep you guys are both right. It vents back into the intake. And it´s also correct that you don´t need that hose. I have a little K&N breather on mine and it is fine. That will also keep oily gunk from getting into your intake as well.
Well since I am at work and can´t get to most automotive sales sites, who sells the breather that would fit? AutoZone, Advance, Napa, and CarQuest are pretty much all the choices I´ve got around here, unless you count Wal-Mart, but I don´t think they´d carry it, I could be wrong though.

Also, if you could help me out, a part number would be great too!
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I forgot to answer the other part of your question. Yes if there is a crack in that little hose I suspect the result would be the same as a crack in the intake pipe, and that is bucking due to unmetered air. Hence, if you do the little filter thing, make doubly sure you properly plug the hole in the pipe.
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Well, I went out and picked up a breather filter, but I should´ve bought the tapered one. Instead, I got the cylindrical one and it´s touching the spark plug wire, its end is a little wide. No biggie, I´ll just go pick up a replacement sometime.
just so all the n00bs know what we´re talking about I drew up a little pic:
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Were you bored by chance?
Hey, If i had a photo chop or whatever he did that on...I´d be doing that too to illustrate what I´m trying to say sometimes.
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I´ve also been told that because it helps prevent pressure build up in the valve cover, its connected to the intake so that the intake can act as a vacuum to draw the pressure out under "hard driving."
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