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What would you do?

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Currently, I have a 2000 Zx2 with a 5 speed. I want to do some mods with it, just to spice it up a little, but I have a warrantee on it. The factory warrantee is up in about 6k miles, then I have a 2 year dealer warrantee. If you guys had this car, what would you do? I´ve had the car since the beginning of October and so far this is what I have:

1) Sound as good as I want it.
2) K&N Airfilter

I have limited money right now, and am just trying to get some ideas. It´s dark green, power everything with a sunroof. Here´s some of my ideas:

* Silver double pinstripe along contour
* A silver Zx2 sticker on the sunroof
* Possibly Altezzas

That´s about as much as I can come up with right now. I can´t do much with the engine because of the warrantee, but I still want to hear your ideas. Thanks guys. If you want, I can get some pics up of it.
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Altezzas might be hard to find for a scort, but sounds cool to me. I haven´t finished my scort yet, because I´ve only done the motor.

I know this wouldn´t apply to your new car, but for me:

I´m dying all the interior to black and white.
Putting in new carpet that´s black
New seats
and building a better display for my system
And working on adding fuel pressure and oil pressure gauges.
Where would I get the oil and fuel pressure guages for my car? I think that would be a decent addition to have eventually.

95 LX Hatchback 5-Speed 1.9L - The nut behind the wheel seems a little bit loose.

<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/rellimpk">

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I saw the Altezzas on that site, and I thought they looked awesome.
I just don´t want to stand out, I have enough problems with the local police. They like me when they catch me speeding.

But I don´t speed anymore...
I don´t speed any less either.

TheBlade, you should post pics of your interior when you get it done, it sounds cool.
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For me I want to get the Autometer Phantom series electronic fuel and oil pressure gauges. I´m probably going to scoure eBay or GhettoZone.

I´m planning on doing a complete custom interior this spring. So where the cup holders are will be where the gauges will be.
Here´s some ideas, but beware. If you ´spice it up a little´ you will make it stand out. Hey that´s the whole idea, right?
Since you´re car´s dark green, having something brighter on it would really improve it. Pick a second color as an accent, maybe silver, white, yellow or red. (depending on your interior color and taste)
Pinstripes might look good, but how about racing stripes over the hood and top?
How about changing to wheels that are either your accent color or chrome?
Body kits aren´t cheap, but they add so much to a ZX2, really anchor it to the ground visually.
Add other things in your accent color, such as shift knob, gauges, valve cover, plug wires.
Some green lighting would spice up your scort´s night look.
Feel free to hate my suggestions, but I hope you at least get one good idea from them!
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The rims that came with the car are really nice, I have only seen one other Scort with them. I don´t think a racing stripe would be a good idea, my license plates say TEKEELA (it´s my horse´s name) and cops really watch me like a hawk. I put on license plate covers a couple days ago, they´re chrome, and they look really nice, they really did a lot for the car. I planned on the pin stripe, in a silver, and then I want to find a shift knob with a chrome look to it, since my interior is that tan/sandy color. I would love to put on a body kit, but would that void my warrantee? Thanks for the ideas, I´ll keep them in mind.
Your warranty will not be voided unless the failure of a covered part is directly attributable to the installation of a 3rd party (nonFord) item. So many dealers will try to say that your engine blowing a head gasket under warranty isn´t covered because you upgraded the headlights... That´s what SEMA is for.
There´s no way a bodykit can void your warrantee, it puts no stresses on any part of the vehicle.....oh wait my bad, it allows more airflow to a radiator. Darnnit....guess having the coolant get colder air would be bad.

Personally I think if F.O.R.D is saying that....they are saying it because people will show up wanting a car that looks like yours, and they will have to offer them a stock looking one
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You know, that´s not a bad idea. With the right body kit, that car would look really nice. Thanks guys.
a guage bezzel for a crx will fit an escort. i got one on te trim along the door. Looks really good on there too.
Hey Sage!
If your interior is tan, I´m not so sure that silver striping or silver anything will look good on it (my opinion!) If it were me, I´d definitely go with red. Dk green/red/tan is a nice combination. Trust me, I work with colors all the time. Test it out tho, take something that´s silver like you like, and hold it next to your car´s door so you can see how it compliments the green and tan. Then try it with red, and you decide.
I think some red parts would really accent your car, and lots are available, including stuff for your engine and interior. Think about it, but in the end go with YOUR taste, not mine!
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