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A little venting story here, on what happenned when I bought my 93EGT from an in dependent lot in april of 1999:
We´ll skip the part about choosing this one after looking at more than a few of them.
I test drove it with my wife, a clean red 93 egt stick, directional wheels, air,cruise,no pw,no pl, no abs,even had the lug key in the glove box. 120000km. Everything was fine.
the fuel gage didn´t work so the salesman said they´d fix that. the left (lighted) visor was snapped so he said they´d fix that. We agree on a price.
They couldn´t deliver on time because they can´t get the fuel gage to work. Their "mechanic" was really incompetent as you´ll see.
when I picked it up the visor was replaced fine, and the fuel gage worked. The "mechanic" said he bought and installed a new gage from Ford and eventually found the culprit was the sender. But i eventually noticed the gages were changed, except the speedo. None of the warning lights worked. The motorized belts only moved out if the parking brake was off. I almost ran out of gas waiting for the low fuel light to come on. I had them look at it. They had it 3 days and said that is how it is supposed to work. Well they worked right during the test drive. This car was radically changed for the worse between when I agreed to buy it and when I picked it up. I eventually noticed the directional wheels were in the wrong places. I tried to take them off but each wheel had one cross threaded lug. about 5 different style nuts on the car. This idiot, when checking the brakes, didn´t know how to get the locking nuts off, cut them off, then found the key and threw it away. when he was done, he found any old nuts on the floor and put them on. One Chevy nut per wheel. I got them to put new studs on but the manager got all offended that I was not thrilled with this car. Maybe because I questioned the "mechanic"´s credentials. The "mechanic" denied my theory. I later took out the instrument tub and what I saw shocked me. They had transplanted a tub from another Escort they had(95 LX) into my car but swapped speedos so I would have my right speedo. The font on the newer cars is different and I also now had a 5800 RPM redline! By the way, this is how I know the font changed in 94 or 95. They denied any trickery. The pins are all in different places on the 3 plugson the back of the tub. That´s why the lights and belt were all screwed up. I spent 2 days ringing out and relocating all the pins so they would all work right. I had to add a jumper to make the fuel gage work. There was no fuel light on the new cluster so I went to the wrecker for a correct warning light graphic strip. I then painted the bezel red and later got white faces. I was so mad but I just thought I´d better leave it alone and fix it myself and be done with it. It helped in the inner peace dept. They shouldn´t have certified it like that. I also got nice lugnuts. I don´t like locking nuts anyway. Those guys are gone now. I wonder why.
Just venting,

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Sometimes it´s better just to vent on a punching bag then to try to go back to someplace that screwed with your car, I guess I´ve been pretty lucky with my car, only one mechanic has taken me for a ride, but my car runs fine now. if a mechanic doesn´t know about locking nuts then he either didn´t take any classes or didn´t pay attention in any of his classes. siragan hit the nail right on the head, you wanna do something right, do it yourself. But if you have a mechanic that you know and trust, then it´s all good.
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