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What parts do I need from CarParts.com for a rear brake job.

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I want to change my rear brakes, they are drums, on my 96 LX....

What parts do I need to order from Carparts.com to do this? I don´t think I need new drums, I am just going to turn them, so what should I get?
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My drums are frozen to the hubs. Anyone know what size bolts I need to turn into the threaded holes in the drums to get them to pop off?

(93 LX SW)
The drums take a pair of standard 10mm medium thread bolts to back the drum off the hub.

Can anyone tell me how to adjust these things now? I see how the adjuster changes the length.. but I can´t figure out by what means they´re activated. Do I just hit the brakes while rolling backwards? If so, that´s not working. My pedal is better with new pads, but being out of adjustment my pedal still drops too far to the floor.

I´ll try bleeding them again w/ a pressure bleeder next week.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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