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What parts do I need from CarParts.com for a rear brake job.

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I want to change my rear brakes, they are drums, on my 96 LX....

What parts do I need to order from Carparts.com to do this? I don´t think I need new drums, I am just going to turn them, so what should I get?
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to simply state my meager experiences , I found that a hard backup and slam the brakes on would straighten my crown vic out almost every time . of course my problem was in wet weather my brakes would throw me through the windshield just by touching them . very annoying and potentially dangerous . never found out why she did that but even after I traded her she remained true to form by nearly sending my salesman through the windshield . :-o crazy car , kinda miss her in spite of her problems . that happens when a car has been a good one . I feel that way already about my escort . but yes a hard back up then slam on the brakes do it a couple of times if need be should at least help some . good luck . :-D
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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