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What Oil? and Additives?

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If I don´t know what oil is in my car what Grade should I be puting in. 81 1.3 Gl. just got it, need to fix-er-up. Also I´ve always wondered about oil additives u-know the infomercial ones: Dura-Lube, Pro-Long etc. yay or nay?

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Both hands up for any good syntetic oil. I´m running Mobil 1(Formula 1 sponser). Some really hard core Escort people like Valvoline(Ford Rally sponsor). Others Castrol(Used to be Toyota Rally sponsor) . All those brand are tested for ages and they are good. Add-ons. There are many of them too. Look for ones that making protecting coating. I used Slick50. I ´m not sure what brands are in SA!
If you are running an older, high mileage motor, especially a motor you don´t know what has been done to it as far as abuse and maintenance goes, I´d stick with a good quality 10w30 oil. Valvoline is my favorite.

Since you are in a warmer climate than me (well, South Africa is warmer than Canada) you don´t need a 5w30 oil.
10w30, with its thicker viscosity, will withstand heat better.

Synthetic would probably just flush out the motor, and cause oil burning and leaking. Happened to me with my high mileage Mustang GT.

Do you have a picture of your Scort, Jono? Post it up in the Gallery section so the North Americaners (such as myself) can see Ford´s first World Car!

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Guys! yeah the car is old but well looked after, you-know single owner a granny who drove it once a week kind-a thing. But as a first car it has potential, i´ m keen just to get it going well (faster actually) asa priority and then look at aesthetics.

shot for the help.
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I personally wouldn´t use ANY additives.

For a couple of reasons:

[*]They always sounded like "snake oil" to me.
[*]The maker had no idea what oil you were using so how can you be sure it will work with your oil and not cause harm?

Just my personal oppinion with no data to back up!
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