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NGK V-Power plugs are good for performance and are cheap.

Platinum plugs are not made for performance, they´re made to last 100,000miles. Platinum, like gold, does not react with anything, so any soot that collects on the platinum tips won´t bond to the metal. With a hot enough spark (found in most modern vehicles) the platinums will self clean and last a long time. Multi ground plugs like Bosch Platinum +4s are just made to last even longer under high heat/ hot spark situations (like under boost) where one ground may melt down.. there are others to take it´s place. Iridium is the same deal as platinum. While you won´t get bad performance from a platinum or iridium plug, you aren´t paying 5 times as much for better performance.. just a longer plug life through the use of precious metals.

Ask a racecar driver runs in his car.. he´ll probably name some cheap silver or copper core plug and a hot ignition.


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