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Bosch Platinum tipped 4 Prong spark plugs. (I think they´re 7/each) Then find yourself some spark plug wires with the LEAST amount of resistance. (good ones are pretty expensive,but well worth it) put in a new ignition module, (mine was 78 bucks) and a new distributor/cap. (not sure how expensive this is)

That way any spark that might have been missing is now going where it´s supposed to.
Put in some fuel injector cleaner and change your air filter (just the filter, unless you want a cold air intake) out with something by K&N. (I´d say change your fuel filter but with that being in the tank itself that would get costly)

That way you know the three things you need are gettin into your engine. clean air, clean fuel and lots of spark.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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