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What kind Of Spark Plugs For A 95 GT??

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Will getting better spark plugs give me any little boost. If so what kind. And what else can i do to make her go faster. that is cheap. im on a budget
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Bosch Platinum tipped 4 Prong spark plugs. (I think they´re 7/each) Then find yourself some spark plug wires with the LEAST amount of resistance. (good ones are pretty expensive,but well worth it) put in a new ignition module, (mine was 78 bucks) and a new distributor/cap. (not sure how expensive this is)

That way any spark that might have been missing is now going where it´s supposed to.
Put in some fuel injector cleaner and change your air filter (just the filter, unless you want a cold air intake) out with something by K&N. (I´d say change your fuel filter but with that being in the tank itself that would get costly)

That way you know the three things you need are gettin into your engine. clean air, clean fuel and lots of spark.
Uhhhhhh the fuel filter is not in the tank at least on my 91 gt it is not, if i remeber correctly it is right near the fire wall.
Sorry. correction: I meant fuel PUMP. the fuel filter is by the fire wall. sorry for the confusion. I type too fast. :-]
well you do not have to drop the tank to get to the fuel pump, lift up the back seat and unscrew the four screws that are there and pull that assembly up and there is the fuel pump. I do not know if it is that easy, but it looks easy in the shop manual.
Well, I have always had good luck with regular bosch platinums. ran them in everyting. good plugs, last a long time. the pump in the tank was the only thing that actually is as easy to get to as the manual shows.
Typing faster then the speed of thought huh ? :-o way to go man :-]
My mechanic told me not to use fuel injector cleaner, because
it can clog up fuel injectors. I had a 89 Escort GT and I used to
put fuel injector cleaner in it and after a while it wouldnt run right.
I had to take it to the garage and had to have my injectors cleaned.
I never use fuel injector cleaners anymore. :-?
I´ve found that on a well-tuned system, using NGK vpower plugs provides smooth running all the way up to the 7000 rpm redline.
Black93GT, i have been told not to use fuel injector cleaner for the reason. When you put it in, everything gets unclogged, then it clogs back up in a smaller spot restricting even more fuel flow. I have also been told not to use the stuff to clean your engine that you put in when you get an oil change..... my 2 cents.
NGK V-Power plugs are good for performance and are cheap.

Platinum plugs are not made for performance, they´re made to last 100,000miles. Platinum, like gold, does not react with anything, so any soot that collects on the platinum tips won´t bond to the metal. With a hot enough spark (found in most modern vehicles) the platinums will self clean and last a long time. Multi ground plugs like Bosch Platinum +4s are just made to last even longer under high heat/ hot spark situations (like under boost) where one ground may melt down.. there are others to take it´s place. Iridium is the same deal as platinum. While you won´t get bad performance from a platinum or iridium plug, you aren´t paying 5 times as much for better performance.. just a longer plug life through the use of precious metals.

Ask a racecar driver runs in his car.. he´ll probably name some cheap silver or copper core plug and a hot ignition.


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