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What IS my car????

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After going over pages and pages of mazda 323s, tracers, escorts, etc. I have not come to any conclusion as to what my ´87 mercury tracer really is, and I was hoping someone here could help out with the problem. At first, I just thought it was, well, a mercury tracer. Then I went on erebuni´s site and saw a 4-door hatchback 323 with the exact same body as my tracer (xcept headlights and taillights, which are a little rounder on the tracer). Apparently it was a european 323. I looked all over the internet and couldn´t find one.

A while ago, I came across the first. It was a turbo 323, but only because of an engine swap. No info on the actual car. I got a link off that site to another site, which has pictures of cars similar to mine, only the title underneath is both tx-3 and laser in different pictures. Then I found a picture that had the same taillights as my tracer, and it had a ford logo on the back and a small spoiler?

I am confused now, what is my car originally? A tracer? A 323? a TX-3? a laser?

My brain hurts.


-´95 Escort LX
-´87 Tracer (currently having an identity crisis)
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Your car is, and always will be, a Tracer. Ford sold the Tracer in Canada under the Mercury moniker as a rebadged 323.

It is a Tracer, but really a 323. A Mazda at heart, just like a 2nd Gen Escort.

The later Tracers (91 up) were just simply rebadged Escorts.

Hope this helps the identity crisis somewhat...

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