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What IS my car????

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After going over pages and pages of mazda 323s, tracers, escorts, etc. I have not come to any conclusion as to what my ´87 mercury tracer really is, and I was hoping someone here could help out with the problem. At first, I just thought it was, well, a mercury tracer. Then I went on erebuni´s site and saw a 4-door hatchback 323 with the exact same body as my tracer (xcept headlights and taillights, which are a little rounder on the tracer). Apparently it was a european 323. I looked all over the internet and couldn´t find one.

A while ago, I came across the first. It was a turbo 323, but only because of an engine swap. No info on the actual car. I got a link off that site to another site, which has pictures of cars similar to mine, only the title underneath is both tx-3 and laser in different pictures. Then I found a picture that had the same taillights as my tracer, and it had a ford logo on the back and a small spoiler?

I am confused now, what is my car originally? A tracer? A 323? a TX-3? a laser?

My brain hurts.


-´95 Escort LX
-´87 Tracer (currently having an identity crisis)
-´87, ´88(x2) RX-7s
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Yes it is a rebadged 323 hatchback! Mazda made the GTX model of the 323 which was turbo and 4wd, and you can swap the b6t turbo engine to your tracer if you wanted to. I personally own an 88 323GT which is the turbo sedan model and much more rare than the GTX.
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