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What is it?

Discussion in 'Safety & Security' started by Setnev, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Setnev

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    Phoenix, AZ
    So a few weeks ago, I was fiddling with the key switch trying to jump some CEL codes, which I know now you can't do on an OBDII, and I happened to stumble upon something very peculiar. When i cycle the key on three times from Off to the Run position, the hazards flash twice along with two short horn beeps, from now on referred to as my "WTF moment". I checked around down near the kick panel and fuse box and found a little black box with about 12 wires going into it and a 4 dip switch panel. The little black box clicks twice when the "WTF Moment" happens. The black box is unmarked, no logos, stickers, etc on it, just a small wiring harness going into it. So tell me, is this an aftermarket alarm system or is this factory, and how could I track down keyfobs if this is indeed an alarm. I also found out that the doors both have actuators installed in them for power locks, but no switches to control them. I am finding out new things about this LX everyday, like tilt wheel, power locks with no switch, black box connected under the dash. BTW I have a 96 LX HB.
  2. madmatt2024

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    You need to know the manufacture of the alarm to have any chance of getting remotes for it.

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