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Anybody know what happened to the message board at Escort racing. I know i shouldnt ask this here but I cant get to the board anymore.
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I would also love to know.
ha, the server is down... never heard of that happening before, have you? j/k, it happens all the damn time and it´s annoying as hell. oh well. well, since i can´t use the ERDT board, i´ll have to ask some questions here if anyone knows...

1. how do you tell if a Merkur XR4Ti is turbo or not from the outside? or were all the XR4Ti´s turbo? or can you even tell from the outside? i drive by one every day that sits backed into a driveway w/out plates. i´m going turbo on my ´90 GT this summer, if at all possible, so i was going to ask the owner if they´d sell the car or part it out if it´s turbo.

2. will the exhaust manifold from an XR4Ti bolt up to an EGT? i know that using the ecu from those cars is a popular choice when turbo-ing, so i´ll try to get that if i can.

3. has anyone put the seat rails from an EXP in their scort? they´re lower and make you feel more ´racy´ but i´ve also heard that people have trouble seeing over the dash with them in the EXP´s so i was wondering if it were any different in a scort from experience.

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I was wondering the same thing.
As for telling weather or not its a turbo or not from looking at the outside im not sure. I think they all were but again i am not sure. As for the manifold no it will not work on your scort however if it is turbo you will want the injectors off of it, the ecu, the fuel pressure regulator, and uh the vane air meter.
Wasn´t the Merker XR4Ti a turbo´d 1.9? if so then why would it not fit on his 1.9?? different manifold mounting points?

26-03-2003 at 19:26, James92Scort wrote:
Wasn´t the Merker XR4Ti a turbo´d 1.9? if so then why would it not fit on his 1.9?? different manifold mounting points?


Nope, it´s a 2.3l and the manifold and turbo won´t work on any scort. For a scort you need either an RS manifold from europe or a old 1.6 turbo manifold from a exp or turbo escort.
yeah, i knew it was a 2.3 turbo, like the mustang SVO, merkur´s just aren´t intercooled. most engine parts are interchangable between those cars, which made me suspicious that the manifold would fit a scort, but i just wanted to double check. i rang the owner´s doorbell, but no one was home, so i left them a note in the mailbox w/ my #. i hope they call because there´s no way in h**l they would want to keep the car... the interior is trashed (torn seats, cigarette packs, papers, etc) and i´m positive it´s been sitting in the same spot for at least 6 months.. they probably just think it´s a piece of junk, but i know better, he he he. if i had the time, money and patience, i would just overhaul that car, but it would be a huge headache to find parts and whatnot. anyway, just updating ya´ll since there´s no ERDT board right now.

P.S. my aluminum SVO flywheel and clutch are supposed to arrive on friday, wahoo! :-D wish me luck yanking the tranny and everything going smooth. it may be a day to remember for the 1st gen escorts... ;-)
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i been wondering the same thing. i did email dave to tell him about my upcomming trip up to his neck of the woods and havnt heard back from him yet either so i have no clue whats going on
LOL I would love to be back on the ERDT Board. this damn website is harder than hell to use. I am soo confused as to why it dosnt work very well. Anyways, look like I found you 91sleeper.....lol Just Jokin.
what isn´t working? just ask and we´ll help ya out!
Well, looks like I found more member From ERDT.....
This site is unorganized and whenever you get on to it from your email you gotta log out then log on so it reads you are logged onto this site. What i am saying is when i get on here from my email it doesnt read me as online. it only reads me as online if i go straight to the site. ERDT is soooo much easier
that´s gotta be something to do with your browser cookie settings, which i unfortunatly don´t have too great of a knowledge base of :-(
i have it so that i´m automatically logged on from wherever i link in from.
as for site layout preferences, well whatever floats yer boat :) i´ve been around here long enough to know and luv the layout and the ppls too. haven´t gotten around to checking out ERDT yet. hopefully they´ll be back up soon
I would have to agree, I have had no problems with this site so far
I love the way this site is layed out. I was going to post on ERDT the other day, but I couldn´t get it to work right. I was going to post about my Escort t-shirt store, http://www.cafeshops.com/pimpscort I have sold a few shirts and a mug to people on this site, and I figured you guys would want in on this too. Two dollars of every order you make goes to helping me pay for school. I also have shirts geard toward general 4 cylinder performance enthusiests at http://www.cafeshops.com/4banger they too help me go to school. I have set up a special fund that these sales go into. I also wet up a special website where anyone can donate money to my college fund. You can reach it by clicking the donate button in my signature.
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