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what does the BP stand for

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i always say bullet proof, but was wondering what does BP realy stand for.
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I always figured it was a code, like the old Civic SI B16A, D16A, the new Civic SI KA20, or the Nissan SR20DE(T)...I think it´s just a manufacturers code.
Ford just wanted to use BP, or BPT for the escort...T meaning Turbo, TT meaning Twin Turbo...I do know that much.

Well, something that I DID JUST realize is: in the old SI B16A, I think the "16" means 1.6Liter., the KA20 meaning 2.0Liter and the SR20DE meaning 2.0Liter as well. Not all engines are coded with numbers like that though.
James you´re pretty close. Mazda is the designer of the motor. BP is a series they make. Technically the american Escort GT (91-96) uses the Mazda BPD8.
Mazda B-series include a 1.5L (it sucked), a 1.6L (323, Miata), a 1.8L and a 2.XL.

I dont know about the others but the 1.8L is the 1.6L that´s been lengthened.

All the BP series motors were DOHC configuration. All shared high flowing intake manifolds with duel runners, and high cross flow head specs. The biggest difference was the actual compression ratio, strength of the internals, and whether it had a turbo or not.

The BPD was the non turbo model for the 1.8L the BPT (GTX motor) is a BP-Turbo with 8.2:1 compression ratio. The GTR motor is a BPT, however the internals are a little different and put out another 40hp over the 180hp GTX .

If you twin turbo´d (in my opinion a waste, just refer to my old posts) a BP, it would still be a BPT.

I agree the BP probably means Bullet Proof. I have abused my motor so much and the thing is like an energizer bunny. I can say the only thing I dont like about how our motors are engineered is the VAF. I just wish we had MAP sensors, but other then that...I´ve gone as far as blowing a timing belt and the motor was saved. Its really an amazing design. Between the solid nature of the BPD8 and the amazing power for the B13 rotary, Mazda has done some cool stuff.

Also talking about honda motors, yes the number usually refer to displacement. BPD8 is 1.8L. Civic EX (95-2000) D16Y8
The D means its a SOHC (B series are the DOHC), 16 is 1.6L and Y8 is the eigth Gen VTEC head. It has single engagement VTEC. Contrast to the Integra LS B18A, is a DOHC 1.8L non VTEC. Integra GSR B18C, 160HP DOHC 1.8 VTEC with Duel VTEC engagement. OR, Integra Type-R B18C4 (American Type-R) 196HP DOHC 1.8L D-VTEC. And, Integra Type R JSPEC, B18C5 205HP, DOHC 1.8L D-VTEC again.

Preludes made famous the H22. The H22 is a 2.2L VTEC motor. I could go on and on with Honda´s. But it carries over to Toyota´s too. For example the 22RE(and REC) is a 2.2L (found in old 1/4ton pickups and the MR2). 24REC 2.4L found in the newer 4cyl tacomas and stuff. Nissan uses the same thing, unless the motor was Datsun designed. But for the most part the SR20DET is a 2.0L turbo motor (Skyline GTR uses the XXXXDETT, because its twin turbo´d).

I guess the ones that throw people off the most are the weird ones like, 2JZ-GTE for the twin turbo 3rd gen Supra. Or 1JZ-GE for the non turbo 2cd gen supra.
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No no. All of you are wrong. It stands for ´bitchin performance...´ Jeez.
Yeah, either way car of my choice would be a miata. RWD with a BPD. Bolt on supers and turbos....that would be the life, but I dont fit in them.
I forgot about the Supra 2JZ-GTE engines... I knew the engine code cause of "sport compact car". One of these days I´m going to start writing down what engine code each car has along with the generation and the specs on the engine.

On the other topic, I like FWD over RWD really...mainly cause RWD in the snow scares me a lot, but if i had my choice i´d take AWD any day of the week, it´s one of the reasons why I love the WRX so much.
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I have all the manuals Orlando sent me for the A´pexi S-AFC. The manuals are in Japanese. Sad part is I know what pages to not look at because I recognize the engine codes on the pages
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y´know it´s gotta be brute power! OOO YEAH! the BP´s are just in the gt´s, right? the LX 1.9 isn´t mazda?

You´ve got way too much time on your hands if you know all that stuff off the top of your head. Ehh... who am I kidding... I read it word for word trying to memorize it so I can look smart the next time someone asks me a question about the different versions of the BP engine. So sad... In short, it´s all definitely worth knowing. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Zeemax on this one.
no no no.. your all wrong it stands for boston pizza.. dammm im hungry!!!
I always tought it was for people with Big pe...

The miata has the same engine?

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cconley...don´t make fun of Blade. he´s my NEW best buddy...he´s kinda like my Mentor. He has a turbo´d Escort, and he knows all the engine codes for lots of cars, that´s something that can come in handy when looking at a used car, maybe the dealer is an idiot and doesn´t know what he has...but Blade would, he could so screw the dealer, and I think that would be funny.
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Thanx for the support guys. Glad to hear a complement. Actually if you want to know why I know what I know and why I´ve spent the time and money to turbo my EGT here it is:

I´m 22. I moved from SoCal to Northern AZ to go to Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ. I´m a Computer Science major. Honestly I hate school with a passion. I just can´t seem to focus anymore. The girl I dated my freshman year cheated on me with my best friend from back home, and because the guy girl ratio at my school is about 14:1, I haven´t gotten laid in like 2 and half years. The closest big cities to meet girls are Flagstaff and Phoenix, both are over 100miles away. Because I´ve worked all through school I´ve never been able to go back home for summers and such. So even the girls that I was really into back home, are back home.

I guess the best part of knowing motors and stuff is I usually can estimate if I can play with another car or not. I can look at any honda and tell you if I have a chance or not. Better yet I can hear a late 80´s Accord rev up and I can tell you if he has an engine swap, supercharger, turbo, or cams and head work...the only thing I never see coming is a little N2O.
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in light of all that, I think it stands for "Blade´s Passion"!
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By the way, what is this GTX motor I keep seeing referred to in here? was it available in EGT´s? It wasn´t in the brochure.
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I think the 1.9 SEFI in the LX´s is a ford motor. It´s labeled that way at least...
The GTX is technically a Mazda BPT. It IS our motor, except it runs lower compression (8.2:1) and came with a turbo (IHI RHB5 VJ20). I think stock they run like 6-8psi of boost.

They were never available in the EGT. They actually came in the 90-94 Mazda 323 GTX. But because the outside of the motor is the same, cept for the turbo, its a drop in for the EGT.

Two other versions of the 323 were made, the GT and GTR. The GT is our EGT motor. the GTR is the GTX motor with some different internals and I think a little better flow in the head. Either way:
BPD (GT motor): 127hp
BPT (GTX): 180hp
BPT (GTR): 210HP
quick question:
I´m planning on buying an EGT in the future. Is there any difference between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen EGT engines? Which is most efficient? Which is most powerful? Most reliable?

BP = bounteous phallus

BMW Piece-pan
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