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I was wondering what everyone has planned for the future or in the progress of something on there car?

My plans are as follows:
-1.6" lowering Intrax Springs
-KYB GR2 Struts
-GT Front Bumper
-EXP Rear bumper(ones with the slots on the bottom) or Custom fit a late 80s Mustang GT Rear bumper
-HO Header
-2.25" exhaust
-1.9 HO motor swap...if funds are there

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Well.. this weekend my new 1.9 with Tranny goes in.. then i plan on

-1.5" drop front, 1" rear
-Rear Disc brake conversion
-SPI Head
-EXP turbo Manifold
-VJ-21 turbo
-Loudest possible BOV
-17" Gunmetal rims w/chrome lip
-AAS Body kit (or EVO3 if i can find one)
-2 15" Subs / looking for 2500watts
-Basket Handle wing
-Clear Corners
-MX3 Seats
-All interior black/white leather
thats all i can think of right now

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brand new paint job, ( pearl Black)
Turbo is top priority.
smooth the body out
Clean out engine bay
get the interior all black ,and get it to smell like a girl XD

Thats pretty much it.. saving up for new car XD but im still keeping the escort XD

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GTR engine swap (I already have the engine)
Aluminum Flywheel, adjustable cam pullies (Got those too)
Ground Control Coil Over suspension
Drilled and slotted rotors (I have thoses too)
White Face Indiglo guages (Have them already)
Canadian Seat Belts (I have the belts, just need a roof liner)
Motorsport ZX2 S/R Struts. (I have the struts)
Mazdaspeed front and rear upper tie bars. lower rear tie bar, lower front tie bar, ST Sway bars. (Already own all those)
GTR Hood vents.

To name a few...


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injen CAI
AEBS Intake Manifold
Skunk2 Stage 2 cams
Crower 1830cc stroker kit
DC Sports 4-1 header
109 dollar cat
RS*R Exmag catback
skunk2 short throw
Yokohama AVS ES 100 195/50s
A'pexi VAFC or Hondata piggyback

GC Coilovers
Koni yellow shocks
Fastbrakes 11" front and 10.9" rear rotors with Hawk pads, SS stainless steel brake lines

so far i only have the CAI.

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Honestly? None, essentially. At most, finish my interior painting, guages, and maybe clear corners. At this point, with my minimal income, I'm saving for more important things. A new car could eventually be one of those things, and when it's purchased, then I'll come back to my LX and make a monster autoXer outta her. But until that time, she's staying as is.

Banhammer available, no waiting!
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Right now just get my Scort back on the ROAD!! It's been over a month since she's seen the road and I miss the rumble of my exhaust. LOL After I get the car back and running :wink:, I plan on getting my GT bumper finished up with it's alum. mesh, and shaving of the chrome trim piece. I'm going to try and get that damn GT header installed with the EGR system working too. That thing has haunted me since the day I heard of putting a GT header on my LX engine. I've got some GT side skirts I'm hoping to modify to my car one day. My paint job will come before that since it looks like the ole' factory color is starting too loose her shine. Still debating on what to do with my sound system. Sorry guys and gals, I'm not giving it away either. :lol: Hardly any shows going on for competitions so lugging all that crap gets to be a real "drag". :lol: Don't get me wrong, I miss having the "bump" in my ride, but with gas going up like it is, I need all the "less" weight as possible. :wink: Who knows what I'm going to start on with it next, hell I might even put in a new head unit since the one in there now is crapping out. :lol:

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Pipanski said:
I bet every four out of five posts include turbo...mine does.
i know this also so i will list what i have paid for and you can figure out my plans

i have PAID for the following

eibach springs
tokico s/r struts
gtx turbo setup including
stock pop off valve
intake pipes
freshly cleaned gtx injectors
fresh hankook rubber all around on cheapy chromie 15 inch wheels (wheels came on my gti i had for like 6 months)

now to the wet dream part, actual plans with no money down.

id like to redo the interior... nothing special, probably not leather or anything but with my mx3 seats id like to make everything match again.

body work and respray... i have some money down on this i just need to figure out the best way to aquire new parts... the respray will be no problem. ill be leaving it the original color and asside from the fenders, doors, trunk, and hood that i will be having painted off the car i will probably do a cheapy macco color match for the fixed body pieces.

finish the turbo... megasquirt, exhaust, intercooler, fuel pump... good times.

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Forged pistons 10:1
GTR Rods
Custom Cams (think 8000 rpm power)
Port & Polish Head + Upgraded valvetrain
Genie Header
Custom 2.5" header back exhaust, hi flow cat, resonator, borla muffler
Custom 2.5" CAI
75 Shot of Nitrous


16" Motegi RT5
Yokohama ES100
20% tint
Hella fog lights
Hella driving lights



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cat back exhaust
spi swap
short ram air intake


HO header
hi flo cat
complete sound system (already purchased, just not installed)


replace my smashed bumpers and fenders and hood (want a tracer hood)
paint job (black)
clear corners and cleaned headlights
redo interior (black and yellow)

SOMEDAY wishlist:
nitrous oxide

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My '91 pony is still stock except for some 17" rims...

I have puchased the follwing:

For the Suspension:
Dropzone lowering springs
Tokico struts
F/R sway bars
F/R strut bars

For the engine upgrade:
Turbo from a WRX
225 l/h fuel pump
Turbo manifold
Intercooler from a Saab

Will be upgrading my clutch/pressure plate, lightening my flywheel, need to purchase some gauges, a tach and some other misc parts.

Hope to put it together in January.

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Well, really anything that I can do to speed it up and make it look better are my plans... realistically though, I'm not too sure.

I'm probably gonna end up all show no go... because I lack the knowledge of the mechanics, and as of right now, I can't pay for that much. In the near future though (1 or 2 years!) I am planning on lowering it, shaving everything, painting it, getting an even better stereo (I'm thinkin that my E-10's need to become X-10's, and that my 1 amp has to become 3 or 4), a video system type thing... not sure whether just to go strictly DVD, go X-box, or go PC (I can get some really cool 6'X6"X6" PC's from my work).

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I have a center console from a 2002 Jeep Cherokee. I want to try to mate it with my exsisting console. It'll give me an arm rest with storage and cup holders for the rear passengers.

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just a tune up for now
and replacing all the burnt out lights in the dash - it would be nice to see the gauges at night

(just bought the car, first things first)

then it's time to install the stereo

i also have a tach i might add, it would be nice to view the rpm's

who knows, i may gut the interior and do a full custom..........
the engine's only a 1.9, so i don't think there are any mods worth the $$'s. (other than a full swap)


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Boost controller
Walbro fuel pump
CS downpipe, 3" DP-back


VJ23-Turbo/GTR manifold
BP-05 head swap

basically, im with jeff. faster plz.

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I plan to just let 'er rust and sink as little beer money as possible into 'er till she dies.

It's possible she'll look even uglier when she dies than she looks right now.
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